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What can you do to help vomiting? or stomach flu

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Flu drugs or antivirals are taken at the onset of flu. Flu drugs are taken to decrease the severity and duration of flu symptoms. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-help-vomiting%3F-or-stomach-flu ]
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Does dramamine help with the vomiting and nausea associated with …?
There is no such thing as the “stomach flu”.It is called, Norwalk virus. Dramamine *might* help.There is no guarantee.You can try it if you are able to keep it down. Prevention: Norwalk virus” (Just remember that hand sanitiz…
How To Cure Stomach Flu And Vomiting ?
It has to run it’s course just like a cold or the flu. But you can treat the symptoms with Tums, or any anti acid, a hot water bottle or heating pad, for the stomach pains or cramps, and Imodium for diarrhea. A nice hot bath helps make you …
Can you have the stomach flu without vomiting??
I HAVE THE SAME THING RIGHT NOW! im freaking out because this is my 4th day of missing school. I haven’t thrown up, but i feel like it. & im really achey. I dont really have an apetite, and my stomach burns like really bad.. I drink a l…

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I think I got the stomach flu can my baby get it too??
Q: So I just got out of a bad sickness I was vomiting, diarrhea, bad headache, fever, stomach craps, dizziness and chills. I went to the Dr and she said it could be stomach flu, or gold bladder and she wanted to give me antibiotics and I said that I was nursing so she said well then I can’t help you!! (I know what a nasty Dr., but what ever I won’t go back for sure) I am okay now but my baby is 3 months old and I really worried that he could get it too. Has any one had a similar situation and do you know if my symptom sounds like stomach flu. My baby at this time is a little congested but no fever.Is Rotavirus the same as Stomach flu is so he did get the vaccin..
A: I am not fully educated in the subject, but I am under the impression that your baby will get antibodies from the breastmilk which may help him NOT get it.Either way, my daughter had it…not fun…but it passes. Keep hydrated, monitor for fever.Congestion is not linked to stomach flu…but there is so much crap going around right now…Antibiotics will do nothing for a virus (stomach flu) It is your “gall” bladder, I have had mine removed and if she thought is was that…she should send you for an US to look for gall stones.Neither instance should she give you antibiotics anyhow.Gall stones made me sick, throwing up with a crushing feeling all over my stomach. Please request and us if she even mentioned gall bladder. The doc sounds like a POS.
stomach pain, gastroenteritis, stomach flu?
Q: hey everybody, 19 year old male, contracted stomach flu over a week ago, i have not felt the same, my stomach constantly gurgles, cramping and bloating in different places at different times, stools are brown colored but loose, im thinkin that could just be because ive barely eaten ne thing other than small portions of toast or applesauce etc. er and doctor shrugged it off as gastroenteritis, today i was experiencing dry heaving and nausea after and during eating, like it was hard to force the food down because i felt like vomiting it sort of, didnt really eat the day before, i was dehyrdated so i have been gulping down the fluids, i sort of have a weak immune system so it already takes me longer to recover but at the same time i am still kinda worried it can turn into something chronic, has ne body had ne thing like this and eventually get over it? i am trying not to worry because i feel like i am developing anxiety and its only making it worst. i would appreciate your help thank you o btw, bloodwork came back negative for whatever they were lookin for so did urine, turning in some stools tomorrow so we’ll see what happens
A: wow that sux big time.
My teacher had the stomach flu…….please read!!!?
Q: my teacher came to school today after being out on thurs. and fri. she told us that she was vomiting, lightheaded, dizzy and a headache. she came back today and she told us that she was still lightheaded and dizzy at times. i do not know when the last time she threw up though. i had to go into her classroom for an hour and a half in total today. i was in contact with her, not much. i was also around walking in the halls past her class throughout the day. her personality was back to normal. i am scared if i will catch this stomach flu from her. i am terrified of catching it. i purrell my hands like 3 times every schoolday, and when i came home i washed my face, legs, and arms just in case. i had to go up to her to ask a question about twice today. i did not touch anything she touched except a piece of paper. i also walked past her about 3 times today. i also had some vitamin water when i got home. i probably breathed a little bit of her air because of contact, i couldnt avoid. i am just worried because she was still dizzy and lightheaded today!! i am not sure if it was the stomach flu or virus of any kind, im just going by the symptoms. i just reallllllllllllyyyyy hope i didnt catch it from her. do you think i will catch it?? what are my chances of catching it?? please help and give advice!!!! 11 points for best answer!!!! *can some doctors try to answer this also??* PLEASE!!!!!!!i am starting to feel a little bit of nauseous and heartburn, but i think it might be from thinking about it sooo much and being soooo nervous.
A: aww MK! i think your finee cuz she not allowedd to come to school at least 24 hrss after she last threww upp! so i think ur getting ur selff sickk! love yaaabfoytay
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