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What does it mean when my heart slows way down and then goes back to a normal beat again

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A:Heart rhythm problems (heart arrhythmias) occur when the electrical impulses in your heart that coordinate your heartbeats don’t function properly, causing your heart to beat too fast, too slow or irregularly. It is not a serious condition. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-my-heart-slows-way-down-and-then-goes-back-to-a-normal-beat-again ]
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What does it mean when my heart slows way down and then goes back…?
Heart rhythm problems (heart arrhythmias) occur when the electrical impulses in your heart that coordinate your heartbeats don’t function properly, causing your heart to beat too fast, too slow or irregularly. It is not a serious condition….

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Q: In my dream I have been kidnapped by iCarlys brother only he looks way older and fatter. Like hes going bald. So in my dream we’re at this hotel and theres some other kid with us but idk who he was. Any ways “spencer” or what ever his real name is he like sexually abuses me. I ended up loosing my virginity to him. Also we kissed and I haven’t had my first kiss yet either soooooo yeah. Then I woke up and my heart was beating really fast so after it slowed down I fell back asleep and had the dream again. This time we were at his house and it was like in the past partially like it was crazy. So when he would go to work I guess I would sneak down the road to were this wierd preacher kid lived, but I was crazy in love with him. All we did was hugged. So when I woke up again my heart was beating fast yet again but eventually it slowed down and i fell back asleep. And the dream started back up but this time we were in a hospital type hotel and my dad was there and so was my cousin. So Jada (my cousin) was rescued by my dad. While this is happening I’m trying to find a police officer to arrest this Spencer guy. But as my luck would have it there were no police around. So I got like “re-kidnapped” if you please. And I woke up again my heart wasn’t beating as fast this time but it was still a little hard to breath. (The first 2 or 3 time i woke up it felt like I had finished a mile on the trail.) Then when I fell back asleep AGAIN I was back at his house but this time My science teacher was there and Spencer was her husband. Now Mrs.B (which is what I will call her) was really nice in the dream (I mean shes nice in person to but in the dream she played the role of a mother towards me). I had friends spend the night(people I have never seen in my life) and there were like 4 of them or 3 idr. But 1 went downstairs and ran into Spencer he started to touch her and stuff then she started to scream so another friend(friend #2) went downstairs w=to see what was wrong so they both got killed but no one did anything about it. Then a guy I’m friends with was at the house. He was like Mrs.B’s son in the dream. But there were 2 of him. The 2 of us made fun of his “twin”. Now friend #3 was hanging by her head on a rope dead this was done by Spencer. Then the dream ended cause I woke up for good, but my heart was at a normal rate.
A: Dreams are the unconscious unfulfilled thoughts. There isnt going to happen anything like that. These characters might be different in the real life. So dont worry and dont get crazy.
Great story rate it PLESE LOOK AT THIS AND READ IT ALLL!!!!?
Q: This is a paragraph of a book im writing.I am disturbed. By meTonight, i couldn’t swallow. My eyes got big. I saw nothing, nothing more then, air. The Sounds are, REAL. I was at least 5 feet away from the door. I looked around. it would take 1.5 seconds, something i could not risk. It came from underneath me, breathing. The noise was disturbing. not like a normal breath, a long pitiful, breath. I suddenly got cold. I felt something on my shoulder. I stood as still as rock. As icey handset felt my back. The breathing again was back. the sound more blood chilling then ever. only this time it was right behind me. i went crazy, my mind finally snapped. After 4 years i finally broke down. i saw eyes glowing red eyes. i couldn’t stop staring, my mind was racing. My life flashed before my eyes. I almost swore i was about to die, Then it all went black. i heard sounds and cold hands touching my almost lifeless body. my mind is out of control. yet my body was stiff. I couldn’t move i was frozen. My mind was telling my body to scream but i could not. it was impossible, it was like trying to move 10 tons of solid rock by hand, impossible. I felt my heart slow down to my last heart beat, finally my heart stopped. July 7, 2000 i was dead.”How did she die?” Mary asked slightly crying. ” Were not sure yet miss, we are still investigating” The police officer said. ‘You have to find out now, im not staying in this house until you figure it out!” Mary stomped out of the room. “There, on the wall a blood stain.” “It looks as if there was a, well fight. See look the blood smears to the other side of the wall. it was like she was dragged along the wall.”” That’s impossible!” mrs. Mage shrieked. ” i came in the second i woke up at 2 am. the room was just how i, i mean she left it “Hmm.” That’s interesting, because someone, or something did it well.” the police officer stammered. ” Amy?” “yes?” i replied ” do you have any ideas on what could have happened to your sister?” My heart sank. I could answer, but i didn’t want to. Wouldn’t believe me!I would sound like a maniac. But i had to. “um, (sigh) every night she would tell me she heard things. it scared me.” That’s enough!” Mrs. mage yelled. There’s no such thing as evil spirits, that’s all hocus pocus!” My eyes widened. What i saw on the back wall no one would believe. It looked at me its red eyes widened to revel its yellow pupils. Then before i could do or say anything it disappeared. My mind weakenedWhat i saw that day, i would never forget. I looked up My heart beating faster than an engine. Nothing, i mean no one was there! where was mrs. mage standing there 3 seconds ago. at that moment I knew what my sister was always talking about. She always used disturbing words, I had nightmares as a child. Now at 13 years old, it was my time to destroy this demonic creature. Just like it had destroyed my sister. “But how?” was the only words on my lips. I steadly walked out of the doorway. Not noticing the red eyes staring from behind. I walked out of home, my childhood memories gone. My sister was dead. I couldn’t speak. No words left my lips. My cold trembling body was now frozen, for what felt like forever. Finally when my body let me start walking again, I heard my dead sister’s voice. “Miranda?”I cooed. There was no answer. Right at that moment i checked my watch, and ran to my step mothers house. breathless, I walked into her home and sat down on her nice soft warm couch. “Amy, is that you?’ My sweet step mother asked. “yeah, its me and still alive..”” oh Amy! don’t be that way. you know the police will figure out what happend.” Being to nice is never a good thing i thought. she needs to stop being so sweet it gets annoying after awhile. ” No they won’t!” i screemed. “They’ll never figure it out, Its a demon!” i finally sqeeked out. “what?” she said sort of anoyed. ” A demon!” i yelled. Why could’nt She figure that out! Why coulde’nt any of them figure that out?My step mother just stood there for the longest time and then she echoed me, “A demon, Thats it!””Thats what?” “thats it!” she said again. “you’ve gone crazy!” “What, I have not!” “yes ya have, Ever since mirandas death youve been actin very queer. ” if your sister just died, would you be on edge to.” i cried. ” but a demon, amy really?” “you did’nt see it!” i screeched. ” see what?” “Uhhu hu Tha..t!” i gulped. “wha…Oh my God!” “What is that?” Hope I left ya hangingHugs AMY
A: i dont care what anyone says this is prob like the best story i ever read ahhaha <3 it
How can I quickly recover from anaemia?
Q: I have really mild anaemia, though apparently that means a whole lot.I had blood taken in mid November and then back on the 5th of this month. I finally got those back yesterday and they were pretty much the same.I had a Lower Abdomen/Pelvis CT done on the 6th because I had a lot of pain down in my stomach/left flank/back and what felt like my ovary. Nothing abnormal was found in that.I’m trying to get a stool sample for parasites done. Normally I would have 2-3 BMs a day. For the past month or so i would have one or 2 a day for atleast one day, sometimes 2, then be constipated for 3-5 more days. That makes all the bloating and abdominal pain worse.What really bothers me is the faster heartbeat and chest tightness. My heart would be normally 70-80 something resting and during basic activity. Now its 100-110 in normal activity, and it may only drop to 90 something during sleep and rest. My chest has been tight since mid-October, but that rapid heart beat just started more recently.I was also wondering if it was an ulcer or something that was bleeding and causing me pain in my stomach or colon but it was never said, I will ask tomorrow.I also feel sick when i’m hungry, which is inhibiting at times. As in I have to plan to stop and eat every 2-4 hours or i’ll feel really nasty. I want to lose some weight again but feeling this way makes it impossible to cut down on portions.If it is parasites i’ll get the treatment for that, if it’s not then what are other things i can do to recover faster? The tight chest, fast heartbeat and feeling really ill when hungry is really slowing me down. i’m tired of going out with friends and HAVING to stop and eat constantly so I don’t feel so sick. Normally it would not be like this.I have been taking my Vitalizer + Iron vitamin (that i wasnt very consistant in taking) every day for almost a week now, as was instructed. I’ve also cut out a lot of junk food and caffeine for the past few days as well. I started to eat more when i wasn’t feeling good.My energy is not bad but it’s not where it could be either, it’s not too much of a problem. I feel a little tired at times but nothing really bad.Anyone have any suggestions?i am taking an iron vitamin. o.o;; I don’t have a poor diet and i eat red meat every so often.
A: You need to get your iron levels up. Take a iron vitamin regularly.
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