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What happens if a person drinks a lot of coffee

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A:Too much caffeine can produce restlessness, nausea, headache, tense muscles, sleep disturbances, and cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats). Because caffeine increases the production of stomach acid it may worsen ulcer symptoms or cause acid reflux (“heartburn”). Evening use of caffeine may disrupt sleep and cause insomnia. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-a-person-drinks-a-lot-of-coffee ]
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What will happen if you drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks w…?
If you drink too much coffee or energy drink s you risk of giving birth to underweight babies or suffering miscarriages. ChaCha on!
I drink lots of coffee. Is this bad for me?
Many people wonder about the safety of caffeine, which is found in beverages such as coffee, tea, colas, and energy drinks, as well as chocolate and some medications. Some plants that contain caffeine include kola nut, yerba mate, and guara…
Do you drink a lot of coffee?
Caffeine boosts alertness but too much or some at the wrong time can seriously impair your ability to fall asleep or stay asleep. And though I ask about coffee – soda, energy drinks, foods, regular tea can all contribute to your caffeine c…

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If a person binge drinks every weekend and every friday how many years will it take for them to develop?
Q: Chirrosis? If they do develop it will they get on the transplant list? What do they do with diseased livers after taking them out of a person when they do the transplant? I was prescribed Metformin a few years back and I have not been taking it. I asked my mother what would happen if I do not take the Metformin and she said my liver will fail but then I found out that Metformin is a drug used to prevent diabetes not for the liver. I would like to know what I can take to prevent or reduce liver damage because I have decided that unless I get pregnant I will not give up alcohol completely.I know alcohol is bad for your liver but abstiance would kill me in a way since I love mojito’s and pomegranate martini’s, mudslides and pina coladas they just all taste so good and I cannot imagine a life with out a bottle of those. So if I plan to drink 4 sometimes 5 750 ml bottles a week what can I take to prevent permanent damage or to at least reduce it? Would drinking coffee help I read on one site how coffee greatly reduces the risk of Chirrosis between people who drink a lot will it help?I never want to be in the situation where I would end up needing a liver transplant since I know I probably wont get one knowing me I would never agree on giving up alcohol for the rest of my life which they require before a liver transplant. I wouldn’t be happy having a childish life where I would not be able to have alcohol at all forever and live like a kid even if it was either that or no life at all. Especially with all the birthdays, weekends and holidays during the year. Do you have to drink very heavily in order to get Chirrosis or can just 2-3 drinks a day do it if you do it for lots of years? I read that on one site even if a woman is having 2-3 a day she can develop Chirrosis if she does it over the years. I want to know if this is really true. One drink is about 4 ounces a day which is less than half a bottle which is nothing for me.P.S. please do not comment on me being drunk. I am sober when I type on here. I do not sit at the computer normally when I am drunk.I would also like to add that Roxy, on the show one life to live is also a drunk and drinks a lot but has no liver problems even though she is female.When I am drunk I am usually in bed not at the computer so whoever in the past thought I was drunk when asking these types of questions, you guys were wrong. To think about it if I was even typing drunk there would be a lot of mistakes in spelling and punctuation.no, no the reason I am asking is because on one site it says that even 2-3 drinks per day raise the risk for it to happen in the woman does it day by day for many years.Weatherman, that lady Baa Baa told me in my previous questions that it probably will happen and sooner then I think possibly 5 years or less if I keep drinking at my current level.and I’m sorry for asking you 100 times in a row all day every day, it’s just that my boredom is killing me and I have nothing else to do but sit on Y/A and ask the same questions over 100 times. Forgive me if I am driving you nuts by asking again and again.If only I would get a job I would be busy and not on here asking you the same questions over and over again all day but thank them not me, they are the ones who refuse to give me job training that’s why I am out of my mind with boredom all day every day.P.S asking these questions is fun for me for I get to see new answers each time I ask and I like reading what others have to say since everyone says something different.I am going to come up with more and more questions and they will get more interesting every time. trust me you will love my next one.
A: Only a few hours since the last one?http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100617193214AAU1yfh&r=w#Fb1EDGvZV0uer_cDy_yeIt’s impossible to say how long your liver will last, as for your questions, I will only continue to answer them if they can help other people, you are in such a state of denial that your beyond help until you want to do something about it.You won’t get a liver transplant WHEN yours fails if the surgeons don’t think there’s a good chance you will abstain from alcohol, there are many more deserving cases and there is a waiting list for transplants, why should someone have to die to give you a liver that your going to abuse again?Regarding your own diseased liver, as a retired medical rep. I’ve been in an operating theatre during a liver transplant, your liver would be slopped into a stainless steel bucket by the operating table and incinerated in the hospital furnace, usually at night, with everyone else’s bits of useless organs.
Does this sound like a disorder or just a lot of strange qualities?
Q: There is a lot of problems, maybe separate quirks or disorders… anyways, sorry for the length and good luck figuring this one out!I used to be afraid of being touched, literally jumping into the air if someone poked me, even if it was a close friend and I expected it. I have always been a loner in the past and was the made fun of kid. I still prefer to keep everything to myself and do everything by myself, and I am my own worst critique. I don’t care what anyone thinks, it is my own judgment I must pass, and I am a very picky judge. I lose my vision occasionally for a few seconds at a time and walk around not being able to see a thing (no one notices because I’ve learned to play it off decently and continue to talk to them). I panic sometimes for no reason, and feel like I am freezing or going to die or a heart attack, but I know it happens often (used to be every day, now only a coupe times a week) and I will be fine. When I panic, I always cry continuously for between 20 min and 3 hours, but I always make sure I am alone and no one can hear or see me so they don’t worry. During this time I often think about suicide or running away (I am 19 living at home) but I do not take action because I promised myself I would never commit suicide because it would make friends and family unhappy, plus it is a waste of a life that can be fixed. I can also get extremely happy and hyper, with a surge of adventure and a love and passion for everything, but this can change quickly usually based on how others around me feel. I get very angry about small things and the word sorry means nothing to me when I am mad. I sometimes make big decisions when I am mad, like quitting my last job and breaking up with my boyfriend both regret later (when I apologized he took me back). I don’t react to major things. If I am in a lot of pain I couldn’t care less. I sometimes purposely cause myself physical pain to take my mind off things. If someone I am close to is in any pain, I feel it myself and end up experiencing the same thing, sometimes worse then the person with the actually sickness or pain. I don’t have my license because I am terrible with directions and can’t play 3d games because my spatial skills suck. I get bored of tasks easily and have to be doing a million things at once, and I can never make up my mind what I want. A few times I have thought I’ve lost things only to realize I was looking right at them the whole time. (Example, looking for my shoes that I had been wearing for a year for half hour- my mum pointed them out and I was surprised to find out those were my shoes and not someone else’s.). When I try to read or pay attention in class, my attention doesn’t last more then a minute unless I have had a lot of caffeine and strongly force myself to pay attention. The reason I pass my classes is because I buy a lot of caffeine right before my exams, drink it and force myself to read until I have read all the requited chapters, and my lecture notes which are just the PowerPoint slides the professors have posted because I go to all my classes and don’t hear a word of them. When I was younger, teachers tried to stream me into a special learning class (I was always staring off into space and sometimes didn’t notice anyone was talking to me) but my mum took me out of it and decided to give me extra help at home. Learning the piano improved my attention, but not by enough to get through University without a ton of coffee and energy drinks. Despite my inattention, I love 3d puzzles and will not put them down until they are solved, I love to be intellectually challenged, and I am a supervisor at work who does the paperwork, payroll, and directs orders for the shift. I am very bad in groups of people or crowds and unless I know the people well I will often run off to a quiet place. I used to distrust everyone, especially guys, but now I do have a boyfriend of 3 and half years who I love very much and trust with my life. He worries about me though when I freak out. Despite what I want, I would rather make others happy, but my boyfriend asks again and again and waits to hear what it is I would like to do instead of picking what he would like. He figures it is because I don’t normally get to make decisions at home and he wants me to start doing what I would like rather than what others would like.I am a psychology student, but can’t pinpoint these things about me to one particular disorder, it seems like many. I can’t get professional help because I am terrible talking to strangers and am too nervous to say anything without breaking down, and I will not let anyone see me break down. What do you think the problem sounds like to you?Edit: Thanks for the responses, but in order to be a disorder, a significant amount of impairment must be present. I cope with my inattention with energy drinks and caffeine during important jobs and tests (although unhealthy) I do get my tasks complete. Most people do not notice when I am angry because I take it out on myself rather then them, then meltdown and get over it- but when I am alone. Most people know me as very kind and happy. Would someone bipolar really be able to pull this off, or would people be able to clearly see something wrong? In making diagnoses, psychaitrists often look for childhood problems (ex ADD/ADHD) and because no one notices anything is wrong, diagnosis does not seem likely.
A: You would probably know more than I would, but when I first stared reading, I was thinking Asperger’s but it may be because I’ve been reading a lot about it lately. The being alone, picked on kid, not liking to be touched could all be symptoms, right? Could the panic attacks be a form of a “meltdown”?Then I read more and considered depression, manic depression, ADHD, social anxiety disorder.Some of it could be just a normal part of who you are. Being bad with directions, looking right at something and not really seeing it–I think everyone does that at times.Please, please see someone about this. Could you take your boyfriend or a family member with you? Do they allow that? Maybe it would help to have someone you know and trust there the first time, or first few times. Good luck and I hope you do get evaluated and any treatment you might need.
Was it too much coffee that made me sick? How do I calm down a little?
Q: It is currently 8:30 AM for me right now. I wake up early so I woke up around 4:30 AM. I made a pot of coffee but I might have put too much coffee grounds in. Seeing as that when I was tasting the coffee it tasted quite different than usual. I don’t use creamers, sugars or milk. I just drink my coffee plain and simple. Here is what happened. I drank two tall cups. I’m a tall person so it really never hurts for me to drink a lot. But I all of a sudden after those two cups had Diahann and I threw up. I also noticed myself really shaky. Was it the coffee? And I still feel quite jittery right now. I called in sick from work because of this. I really don’t feel normal. Not sick anymore.. Just not normal. You know??? So im quite certain I just had a bit too much caffiene. Is there any way I can calm myself down a little? Or do I just have to sit through an altered mind for a few hours. lol but thats whats going on. I’m hardly blinking at all… its funny actually. lol Probably gonna just have to wait it out but if you know any ways to calm down then please tell me. Thanks by the way 🙂
A: drink sum warm milk and try to relax
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