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What happens when you have sudden death syndrome

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A:Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome is a disorder of the electrical system of the heart that can lead to the death of apparently healthy people without any warning. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-have-sudden-death-syndrome ]
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What is SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’
SIDS is a medical term that describes the sudden unexplained death of infants. Victims generally appear healthy prior to death.
How to Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
・ 1 Put a baby to sleep on his back. Sleeping on the back reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome… ・ 2 Do not put a baby to sleep on soft surfaces such as sofas, water beds and soft mattresses. ・ 3 Breastfeed your newborn. Breast…
Sudden Infant Death in the George Sherman Infant Care Center: Who…?
You know those parents were always snooty about this place, after A-One Infant Care put them on a 2 year waiting list. They complained because we weren’t talking to Elroy enough — but a 4 month old baby doesn’t need a constant barrage of s…

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Can you tell me why I must continue feeling this way?
Q: Five years ago I lost my six month old baby daughter to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) I found her when I went to wake her for her morning bottle and cereal. I’ve been through grief counseling and I’m mostly okay most of the time now. But there are times like tonight when my mind is flooded with memories and I find it hard to keep going. I have no other choldren due to fear of it happening again. What can I do.
A: Being mostly okay most of the time is about the most you can hope for. Losing a child is something that you never fully ‘get over.’Every now and then, the enormity of your loss washes over you. It is not a reason, though, to discontinue participating in life.Losing my son 7 years ago when he was 16 has been extremely traumatic for our entire family. It has changed my perspective and experience of life dramatically, and caused severe mental trauma to my wife. I sincerely hope nobody has tried to comfort you by suggesting that you can just have another one. When it comes to family and relationships…. nobody is replaceable.If you ever choose to have another child, it will not be a replacement for your baby daughter, but intsead will be a new member of your family.My advice at these difficult times, is to allow yourself to have the grief, and do your best to accept it for what it is. I have come to believe that the people we have loved strongly in life, never really leave us, even after death, but remain close to us, trying to influence us, make us feel better, and sometimes trying to communicate with us somehow.I believe that when I do eventually die, I will get to be with my son again, my parents, my brother, and others. I hope to be reunited with him and believe it will happen. I remember that at one time, I feared death. But now I do not. I welcome it, when it is my time. My fear is that I will have to wait a VERY long time before I am called, and that I will first lose my wife and other family members. I do not want to outlive any more of my children.I recommend talking to your daughter as if she’s in the room with you during your hard times. You don’t need to be loud and make people think you’re nuts. Trust me, you have much more company than you’d think. I also recommend that you work hard to keep your fears from controlling your life. If you don’t want to have another child then don’t pursue that. But don’t let fear keep you from it.My very best wishes.
When I have sleep paralysis I cant breathe?
Q: I’ve had sleep paralysis for about 1 1/2 years now, and everytime I have SP. I literally CAN’T breathe. It feels like there is like 300 pounds of pressure on my chest. I had SP thismorning 6 times.. (almost every time I have SP, i have it multiple times.)i did some research a long time ago andit said that sleep paralysis is thought to be linked to SUNDS (sudden unexplained nocturnal death syndrome)its basically where you stop breathingin your sleep..your lungs and diaprham are paralyzed as well as your bodyin cases that were seenthe person didnt look like they put up a fight or strugglebefore they died.. that explains the paralysisyou are aware that you cant breathebut you cant move to stop it.i feel like this is whats starting to happen to me..i had a polysomnogram done (sleep study)and i was less then 30 seconds off from being diagnosed with narcolepsy…but anyway this SUNDS thing.. i dont know what to do..should i go talk to my doctor?(oh i used to be on adderall and it helped me a lot with the sleep paralysis, but i got taken off of it for losing weight.)I already asked this question once, but I put it in the wrong category.. sorry..
A: well then yeah, it’s time to discuss treatment options with your doctor.
who else would like to share their story of loss?
Q: Well my story starts of as a school girl, like any other teen (Me at the time) 14 years old and full of pride i had my first real boy friend and i loved him sooooo much, Oh and of course i thought i was invincible i wanted to marry him and would do anything for him i even slept with him.I have to add this bit (my mum if that’s what you could call her was okay with anything i done hey she’s the first person to offer me marijuana and yes i accepted i had such a great role model, My father was not around)Anyway getting back to it, I was starting to have a lot of days off school i was real sick my mother asked me “when was your last period” i shrugged it off and said “Last month” My mother said “maybe you should got to the doctors”, I didn’t know what she meant i was just sick.I was at a friends I told her about what my mum said her response maybe your pregnant, I was dazed i said “I ain’t having no baby”.I did decided to go to the youth clinic and my friend came with me the doctor their confirmed i was indeed pregnant i said the same thing i said to my friend i ain’t having no baby i want an abortion, So the doctor wanted a ultrasound, Had a ultrasound that day the tech asked if i wanted to know the sex i was like no i’m having a abortion, she walked out of the room and a doctor came in and talked to me about i was to far to have a abortion and there was other options i discovered i was 23 weeks pregnant and i was having a baby boy .I was stunned i didn’t know what to do, I had to tell my mum As i walked in the front door i walked up to my mums bedroom where she was i sat on the bed and said “I went to the health clinic” my mum said “Oh yeah” I said “I’m pregnant” she took a deep breath in and told me about the option told me not to interrupt after she gave me the options number one been abortion, number two been adoption and three been keep the baby and she would be there for me.I said to her “I can’t have a abortion i’m to far i’m having a boy”.I am surprised that my mother did take the news pretty good.I had a healthy pregnancy and Morning sickness like no other i also turned 15, and then at 36 weeks and after a 36 hour labour i gave birth to my Beautiful baby boy weight 7 pound 9 oz and 46 cm long, i was amazed he was the best thing that ever happened to me (Oh and the father was to young apparently to be a father).after spend 8 days in hospital and then i took home my baby, My mum helped out a lot and she was so proud her first grandchild.Then 4 weeks after i had him i was aroused to discover he was not breathing i’m not going to go in to detail about exactly what happened but the ambos confirmed it.i got a letter in the mail from the coroner and the findings said nothing and death was pronounced as sudden infant death syndrome it broke my heart into a million bits and part of me died that day.I now realise it’s hard enough to have a baby at 15 but then i had to bury my baby, It’s the hardest thing i have ever in my life had to do.I had another baby at 38 weeks 8 pound 9 oz 55cm long i was 17, a little under a week until i turned 18, She was gorges and i was shit scared. (I started dating her father not long after my 1st baby left me)I then discovered i was pregnant with my third baby when i was 19, I had some trouble while i was pregnant my 3rd baby the umbilical cord was deformed and they where amazed that i made it to 41 weeks and said that usually the baby would have not survived past 12 weeks in the womb I gave birth to her she was so little and amazing 6 pound 2oz 45 cm long, soon after giving birth i had major hemorrhaging and need and D&C and blood transfusion, when i did get out of hospital i got really sick and had to be re-admitted i had septicemia and could feed my baby until i was better.(In the mean time me and my girls dad split it was the best choice he badly abused me while i was pregnant with our second baby).when my youngest daughter was 6 months old i met a man he was an amazing friend (I’m now married to him he is the best man in the world and i’m so happy i found him he brought 3 baby’s of his own and we made us a family he has all boys they are great kids and my girls love their step brothers as if they where their own blood and flesh brothers, year of births 1999, 2001, 2003)When my youngest (at the time was 18 months old i discovered i was pregnant my pregnancy was a Breeze and at 40 weeks i gave birth to a wonderful baby boy 8pound 2oz 49 cm long.Last year in june i discovered i was pregnant i was amazed (I wanted another boy) but tragedy struck and at 16wks + 5 days i had a miscarriage, The baby i miscarried was perfectly formed it was a little boy, I am heart broken and words can’t describe what this has done to me, If i could give my life for both my angels i would do anything, I would spend the rest of eternity in hell just to know my baby’s are safe and well.right now i take every month as it comes in hope i can have anothesorry story got lost I am hoping for another miracle one day but i’m scared shitless.Oh the reson why i would love another child is I have alot of patients i want a large happy family i love my children to death.If my children didn;t grow up (Over the age of moving out) I would be thrilled and over the moon.I love my life right now i love that i have as many chilren as i do if i could support 50 chilren i would try for 50 lol..I am 26 thank you to everyone for your stories and comments nasty or not i don’t mind, I wish you all the hope and joy in the world.
A: Wow, what a sad yet beautiful story. My heart aches for you. I have not experienced loss to this extent. I had a miscarriage when I was 7 weeks pregnant, and was pregnant again 2 months later and have a lovely 5yo named Emma.Earlier this evening I read a question on here from a man saying that women have it so much easier in life and all they do is shop. All the women that commented could only say no women don’t have it easier we have periods and have to be pregnant for 9 mo’s. I commented that women are so much more than that. Women endure some of the hardest things in life, periods and pregnancy are easy. It’s loss of a child, and giving life and being so scared about the unknown of this little life that you have brought into the world that is so hard and scary. And you are living proof of exactly what I was saying. You have endured so much, you are a brave and strong woman and I commend you. God Bless You!P.s. May I ask, how old you are? Just curious. I’m 28
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