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What heart problems is there? What are the bad things about them

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A:One kind of heart problem is an Arrhythmia, its a quite common condition, and can occur in health hearts with minimal problems. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-heart-problems-is-there%3F-what-are-the-bad-things-about-them ]
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What heart problems is there? What are the bad things about them?
One kind of heart problem is an Arrhythmia, its a quite common condition, and can occur in health hearts with minimal problems.

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Traveling with heart problems?
Q: I am wanting to travel from the U.S. to Portugal for a visit. But, I have heart problems. If I run out of my prescriptions while I am there will there be any way to get more? I can only get one refill of each at a time. If I told my doctor or Pharmacist that I was traveling abroad then do you think that they would let me get more prescriptions all at once? Do they do that? Also, does anyone know what would happen if something went wrong with my heart while I was there? I have heard bad things about their health-care system…so, would I be able to get treatment? I am actually healthy and in very good physical shape so it’s not likey, but I have a degenerative heart disease and I have already had open heart surgery (triple by-pass). So, I have to consider these things ahead of time.OK…Thanks for all the answers 🙂 I was expecting another…guess I wont have it. Goodnight. Im really not going anyway.
A: don’t go anywere unless you can get your meds.
Heart problems, tachy? A few questions. History included.. Long (sorry)?
Q: HistoryNo allergies, no prior history. 18 Female.Mother has an extensive history with blood clots, multiple blood clots in her lungs, and legs. Strokes. No diagnosed clotting disorder and has been investigated thoroughly.Symptoms onset.My symptoms started suddenly and randomly one day.Really sharp chest pain on left side, it kept getting worse and worse and then I had shortness of breath. I had just started my shift at work, was on my second call and in a great mood. I then became breathless for no reason. These lasted maybe 5 – 10 minutes. I still had intermittent chest pain after. Went to the hospital, triaged level 4, ecg normal. Told to take an aspirin even though I told the doctor I was still having chest pain and sent home. Went back to see my GP same day because I got worse, felt like crazy attacks but did not feel anything like panic attacks. ( I had one panic attack when I was 13ish?) Right after an attack he caught my heart rate at 130 and put me on atenolol, ordered blood tests to check my thyroid which was all normal.Since then:Atenolol has made most of my palpitations go away, I still have had chest pains for about 3 months. More uncomfortable and unsettling than anything. I am on about 25 mg a day. I don’t believe I could take more because of bp and weight. 105-110?PainSome days/weeks are worse than others, I have them more frequently or a little more painful. I have pain in my chest on both sides and in the middle, neck, back and shoulder blades. Sometimes in my legs, (inside of thighs or under my knee). Arms, above elbows, armpit, inside my elbow. Tests:Had holter done, results due back monday. Echo scheduled in January. Cardiologist appointment scheduled in Mid January. (Takes a long time to see a doctor in Canada) Blood tests clean, thyroid good. :DLast NightI went to the emergency room because my chest pain changed dramatically. I was getting sharp pain on the right side. I felt ill the entire day, had chest pain frequently the entire day.Triaged me at level 2, said I was tachy. I bypassed the waiting room. Got an ecg paged. Blood tests done. They didn’t tell me much but when the nurse hooked me up she caught it at 174.. I didn’t feel a thing which scares me the most. It dropped as soon as I saw it cause I freaked out? Nurse laughed at me lol. They injected blood thinners and gave me two tylenol. Bloodtests / ecg must of came out clean because they gave me an xray, also good. My heart stayed between 88 – 130 (usually above 100) and they discharged me. This morning ..they had me do a ventilation perfusion test to make sure I had no clots in my lungs which was also clear. They said I had a murmur last night, but it was not present today. The doctor said that sometimes murmurs are only present when the heart is racing. She did another ecg and said I had a sinus rhythm and said that it wasn’t a bad thing.Questions.I’m concerned because the length of time this has been going on and the unpredictability of it. I do not want to take up the emergency room time because they seem to take me so seriously last night and have nothing in the end come out of it. But they gave me sketchy instructions to come back if my heart was racing again, Or if my chest pains started really bothering me or lasting more than 5 minutes or if I pass out.A) Is there any indication of what is wrong with me? Doctors don’t tell you anything.B) What are the doctors worried about? They seem to be anticipating a problem when they tell me to come back to er if so and so happens.C) Is it dangerous to have a consistently high heart rate? What kind of heart rate is dangerous and why? Can this cause complications?D) Why and when do I need to go back to the emergency room..? E) Is there an easier way to get these damned stickers they keep putting on me off? ;)Sorry for the length! Thanks guys.I am asking because I live in Canada. I did not want to take up too much of the emergency doctors time, and I cannot get into my gp for another month.. I may as well wait to see my cardiologist in January. I feel like a ticking time bomb..
A: OK:1) As a rule, cardiac conditions do not produce sharp pain. Rest assured on that point. 2) With a history of anxiety disorder or panic attacks, it could be that now. I’m not saying it is, but it could be, and your heart could race because of it.3) Emergency rooms are for your exact condition. Use them. If something is seriously wrong, you need to know sooner rather than later. That’s the way to find out. Once the symptoms have passed, whatever is going on is not likely to show up. Go when you are having symptoms. Period. 4) If the doctors are not telling you anything, ask pointedly until you get answers. Maybe at this point they really don’t know…and realize you need further cardiac work-up…and that is what you are scheduled to get. That’s good. Go with it. 5) As for indication of what might be wrong with you, I think you’ve had one good indication from another answerer. You say you were checked out thoroughly, but did you have a CRP checked, or thyroid levels. The holter monitor may show something and the echo will definitely show if there is a cardiac problem.6) I wouldn’t say the doctors are worried. I would say they are doing what is reasonable and the standard of care for someone with your symptoms. They are simply trying to get to the cause, through standard cardiac tests. All is really well on that front. I suppose in Canada, it simply takes a while. 7) Yes it is dangerous to have a consistently high heart rate. I didn’t see that yours is consistently high, though. It went up to 130’s once and then was 174 once for a brief period. As long as it comes back down, that’s the thing. You are already on atenolol. I think the pain when it comes generates probably a great deal of anxiety, just because you don’t know what’s causing it and that in and of itself can cause your heart rate to go up momentarily. Try to stay calm and realize that if the doctors were truly worried about you or if they found anything on your ekg or holter monitor that looked like imminent danger for you, they would hospitalize you for further eval. You sound like you are in pretty good shape…and so the docs know the normal progression of evaluative tests is acceptable. Be glad. That’s a good thing. 8) You need to go back to the emergency room if you feel faint, dizzy, or light-headed, or if you find your heart racing (do you know how to check your pulse?), or if you feel short of breath. If your pain changes or intensifies or you feel nausea added to it. go. Better safe than sorry. 9) Try alcohol to remove those sticky patches. The glue will wear off in time….sorry.If you were really a ticking time bomb, there would already have been a bigger indication. If you were, the docs would not have sent you home. Be calm, be patient and wait out the process. You’ll be glad you did, and good luck to you in all of this.
Question about possible syndromes causing congenital heart defects? Any docs or nurses here?
Q: I have a friend who keeps feeling very short of breath after doing really limited physical activity. He is always gasping and mentioning that he can’t breathe well, sometimes even when we are just sitting around. Recently he felt so bad that he went to the hospital, where they did an EKG (or is it ECG, I don’t know, where they put the sticky things all over you with the wires attached) and told him that it was “abnormal”, however, being the typical man he is, he said he felt better and insisted on leaving; he wouldn’t let them admit him for further testing. I am worried about him, though, because I’ve always thought he sort of looks like there is something vaguely wrong with him physically, he has a very odd appearance, and I’m wondering if he has some kind of undiagnosed syndrome that could be causing his appearance AND the worsening heart problems. He’s 33 and he doesn’t live an unhealthy life, so there is no reason he should be having heart problems. Does this sound like anything anyone has heard of:- He’s extremely tall and thin (6’6 according to him, possibly taller, and only weighs about 150)- He has very long fingers and feet, and his fingernails are weird, they kind of taper downward- His ears are like… I don’t really know how to explain it, they’re like long at the top and slanted back and almost pointy with no ear lobes, I want to say like a bat or something, I know that’s horrible but I can’t think of another way to describe it!- He has a very long kind of face, his lips are so thin they’re like non-existent, and his eyes slant very slightly upward, maybe like he has a little Asian ancestry, but he’s 100% German and blond and blue-eyed and no one in his family seems to have eyes like that.Do those things along with having what seems to be a pretty bad heart problem at such a young age signify any kind of “syndrome” or anything? I am really scared for him because he is the nicest guy, and I hope he doesn’t see this or he’ll be mortified, but I do like him a whole lot and I don’t want to see him have a heart attack and die at 33!I mean the diagram on the Google page, sorry. His fingers are just like that. That’s crazy.OMG I just looked it up and the pictures of people who have it, and the diagram of the hand on the Wikipedia page look JUST LIKE HIM. I bet you guys are right. I hope he listens if I tell him about it.
A: This sounds A LOT like Marfan syndrome. He should definitely go to the doctor, im not a doctor, but his physical features sound like those of marfan, and his symptoms could be caused by the heart problems connect with marfan. Convince him to go to the doctor as soon as he can.
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