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What over the counter medication can you take if you have the flu

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There are so many over the counter medications available to treat cold and flu symptoms it is hard to know which ones…MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-over-the-counter-medication-can-you-take-if-you-have-the-flu ]
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What over the counter medication can you take if you have the flu?
There are so many over the counter medications available to treat cold and flu symptoms it is hard to know which ones…MORE?
What over-the-counter medications can you take that actually help…?
It’s a Canadian product–and it actually works. ColdFX is a ginseng derivitave. Expensive, and worth it. I also do NOT believe in the flu shot. All it does is make you more resistant to drugs, forcing the flu virus to mutate, forcing them t…

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Doryx & Acne Questions.?
Q: I was prescribed 150mg of Doryx (per day) by my dermo. I’m not on any other medications and I use an over the counter cleanser for my face. I am 20 years old and a female.Anyways… I started taking these pills about two weeks ago but stopped because I got sick. Nausea, pounding chest, headache, etc. I have been taking the pills for an entire week now & I have been very nauseous. I don’t know if I still have the flu or if I never had the flu and if I’ve just been allergic or something. On the perscription bottle, it says do not eat one hour prior to taking to 2-3 hours after taking (absorbtion, I’m guessing)So, since it’s the weekend now & I cannot contact my dermo, I would like some thoughts, please.And I wondered how this medication can help improve my acne b/c I know I can’t take an antibiotic forever. So what happens after I am done with this medication? Will it fix my acne or is this a temporary treatment? If so, do you have any other suggestions?AND my acne has not improved, in fact, I’ve broken out.All help is appriciated. Thanks.
A: Keep taking it until you can speak with your dermo. You should never suddenly stop taking any medication. It takes 2 or 3 months before you see any benefit when taking Doryx. I think it is a temporary treatment used to prevent scarring due to the acne.
Can anyone offer any advice for detoxing from pain pills?
Q: Please donot be judgemental or mean in leaving comments, I was prescribed pain medication for back pain by my doctor, I now feel like i need to stop them I was wondering if anyone has done this at home, I dont want to do it inpatient and i dont want to use the drug available to help with this because it is too expensive since i cant afford it bc i have no insurance, i was wondering if there is a over the counter body cleanse that i can use to cleanse the drugs out of my body? i know i will experience flu like systems nausea diareha and other sympotms so i plan on taking flu meds and otc items. If anyone knows what to use or has gone through this please leave me a message, because iam sick of using and letting this medication control my life. THANK YOU
A: Yes, a lot of people have been through what you’re experiencing.I’ve been through it. What I did was try to always have a few over the counter cold pills, the kind that make you sleepy. They usually contain tylenol which could help (minorly) with aches and pains, but mainly they can aid you getting some sleep. Sleep is VERY hard to come by while withdrawing. Also, I think anyone would prefer to be asleep as much as possible while going through this, it’s not pleasant.So, get yourself some dramamine and tylenol PM and just kinda wait it out. Maybe some anti-diarhea, I never tried any of that, as I usually went the whole time without eating. As long as it’s not methadone the withdrawing should last 3-5 days in my experience. Methadone can be as long as 30 days.
Multiple Illness In a Month Cause Late Period?
Q: Alright so my period is late but only by a couple days. My last period started on Oct. 1 lasted the usual 6 days and though my period cycle isn’t regular, I know I start within 28-32 days. Well for October I have gone on a trip for four days took a long time to get to and from there and on the ride there started getting sick. I had reached a temperature of 102.6 by the second day, was sick for three more days before finally going to the doctor and finding out I had strep throat and the flu. About a week after treatment of that I got a UTI and went 6 days without going to the doctor and taking the over the counter meds that just make it feel better but don’t cure it, I ended up getting severe diarea and vomiting and by the next day I was urinating blood, went to the doctor and received medications for that. Well now my period hasn’t started and I saw somewhere that if you exceed 35 days then you’re most likely pregnant. I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to be pregnant or be to quick to buy a pregnancy test since I really don’t have money and I know that illness can cause a late period, but do these sound like the kinds of illnesses that would cause a late period?
A: I know that any serious illness can screw up your hormones and delay your period, but there is always the chance that you could be pregnant. A relatively cheap pregnancy test only costs around $7 at a drugstore. If you go to a Planned Parenthood center, or similar agency, you can generally get one for free, but you usually have to make an appointment. I know that you said you didn’t want to spend money on a pregnancy test, but if you ARE pregnant, it will cost you a lot more in the long run. So I really suggest you get tested.
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