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Why does having the flu make you throw up and have diarrhea

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Your body is trying to get rid of the virus, which is why you may throw up and have diarrhea. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-having-the-flu-make-you-throw-up-and-have-diarrhea ]
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Why does having the flu make you throw up and have diarrhea?
Your body is trying to get rid of the virus, which is why you may throw up and have diarrhea.

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Can not eating or drinking during the stomach flu make you really nauseous?
Q: I’ve had this weird bug thing for a while, today’s the third day. I haven’t thrown up and had diarrhea only once. Each day, I’ve gotten nauseous. I felt well enough to eat the first night and did fine. The second day I was eating in the morning and noon but was extremely nauseous that night to this morning. I didn’t get any sleep. Sometime during that period my stomach started growling and felt very hungry. I still felt a bit nauseous so I didn’t eat anything. I haven’t had much to drink either and I know I need to.Today I was doing ok except my jaw closer to the joint felt terrible and I later began to feel nauseous. I didn’t have much to drink or eat. If I ate or drank will the nausea go away?Or do I still need to throw up to get the bug away? I feel like throwing up would make me feel better but when I’m sitting in the bathroom, nothing happens. The nausea keeps coming back and I don’t know why or what to do! I cannot bring myself to gag myself.
A: Your GI tract continues to make digestive fluids even when you don’t eat. Therefore, if you don’t put anything in your stomach you are going to continue to be more nauseated. I would try small amount of something like Gatorade or flat ginger-ale, maybe a Saltine cracker. Take only a couple of swallows but do it every 1/2 hr or so. Pepto Bismol works great but some people don’t like the taste. The bismuth in it is great for your nausea. If you can’t keep any liquid down, I would consider going to the doc. You may be dehydrated. Avoid juices as they are acidic and milk products as they will curdle.
Bad stomach pain, Throwing up all the time almost everyday. Please Help. I’m tired of being sick all the time.?
Q: Please let me know what you think. I have been getting sick for a little over a year now. When I eat I get really sick. It feels like I have the flu without actually having it. I get the same symptoms: puking, hot and cold chills, diarrhea, sick stomach, and really really bad pain in my stomach. At least once a week up to 4 times a week I’ll wake up either in the middle of the night or when I wake up in the morning puking and everything else that goes with it. I can eat something and feel fine but then next time I eat it, it can make me really sick. I been to the ER a lot of times with such bad pain in my stomach I can hardly move. I get sick at least 3 or 4 evenings every week after I eat dinner. Also when I have to get up really early in the morning to go somewhere even if I haven’t eaten, I can get really sick and have the diarrhea. The earlier I get up the sicker I get and the more I have to go. And if I were to eat breakfast that makes it even worse so it’s hard to get to places on time even if I get up earlier it still last just as long.I have had many tests done. My liver is fine, gull bladder is fine, kidneys are fine, and appendix is fine. Have lots of blood work done not low on anything and I do not have diabetes it all turned out fine. They have checked for cancer in my stomach and it’s not that, everything is fine there. I did have a camera put in my stomach and they said my esophagus is weak. That when I eat the flap reopens and lets the food back up in my stomach which is not suppose to happen. The doctor says that’s why I get the way I do but, I’m wondering if there could be something else more wrong than that. It just doesn’t seem right that I should be sick this much and this long. If you have any suggestion on what I could check for see if that’s what’s wrong please help me let me know what your opinion is.I have gone to the doctor since it started. Actually different doctors. They just can not seem to find out whats wrong.yea I drink milk but i went over a month not to long ago without having any kind of milk and still had the same problemthat I know I’m not pregnant
A: Go see a Gastroenterologist and tell him about your symptoms and see if he will do a Gastric Emptying Study. I had a lot of the same symptoms and the Gastroenterologist found out my stomach was not emptying the food out of it in 2-3 hours like it is supposed to do. That was 9 years ago and it was taking 6-8 hours for me, now it takes up to a week at a time and there are very few foods I can eat. You may have what I have,Gastroparesis meaning your stomach muscles don’t push the food out of your stomach so you throw up. Nausea & vomiting is common in Gastroparesis. I don’t have the N&V but most everyone does. See a gastro soon, they can give you medication until you get as bad as I am and no one is as bad as I am, the meds no longer work for me. Good luck
Do you think this could be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Q: On 3/19/07, I went to the ER because my ear was acting weird. When we got there, the whole waiting room was filled with people throwing up and coughing. Anyway, about a week later, me and my whole entire family got sick. It was THE most horrible flu/intestinal virus that we’ve ever gotten. I mean, I was dry heaving. I had nothing to throw up, but yet, I still felt like I had to. Anyway, skip to about 2 months later. It started with heartburn and these weird icepick like headaches. Skip all the way through 2007 and 2008 to now, and I’ve gotten so many strange symptoms. My doctor did diagnose me with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome on 4/3/08 (which is a genetic connective tissue disorder). I don’t see why more symptoms of it would be showing up all of a sudden. This makes me question if that virus caused me to get fibromyalgia or CFS or some kind of dysautonomia or something. Here’s some of my symptoms. They’re intermittent:*Headaches (pressure/stabbing sensations)*Frequent urination (tests showed nothing/was clean)*Painful periods (stabbing pains in lower abdomen/rectum/can’t have a BM sometimes cause of it)*Muscle aches*Electric shock sensations*Fatigue/unrefreshing sleep*Muscle weakness*Diarrhea/constipation/stabbing sensations in stomach/cramps*Eye pain/eye floaters*Itchy skin*Hot flashes/chills*Stinging/burning sensation in genital area/vulvodynia*Nausea*No weight loss, but clothes are somewhat looser on me (even when they’re new)*Allergies (eyes, throat, nose). Never had allergies before/feels like they’re getting worse*Sore throat*Post nasal drip feeling*Dizziness (always had this/EDS)*Low blood pressue (always had this/EDS)*Gastroparesis (didn’t have test, but doc thinks I have it. Goes with EDS)*Tingling sensations (finger, legs, arms, hands, sometimes face/neck)*Cognitive difficulties (memory, thinking of words, confusion, etc…)*Shortness of breath*TachycardiaThese are most of my symptoms. What really bugs me is that I do have OCD and depression among a few other psychiatric illnesses, and people automatically assume it’s all in my head. I’ve had OCD and Depression since I was little, why all of a sudden would I start imagining these feelings. My family doesn’t believe me when I tell them about my symptoms. My mom doesn’t even believe I have Ehlers Danlos even though my doctor diagnosed me in front of her. I’ve already had a stool sample done, a urinalysis, ANA screen, SED rate (all clean), MRI and CT scan. Had a fatty tissue in brain, but ti went away. My WBC was 10.9 at one time. Had an HIV test done(NEGATIVE!) I am not sexually active or do drugs or anything. AGA levels for celiac were slightly elevated. Thyroid levels were fine. What do you all think? Sorry this was long. Thanks!I am a 20 year old female also.
A: You sounds like me, I went through a lot of the same stuff so I will tell you what lengths I went to to get better.I have discovered while researching my issue that a lot of it was simple food allergies and nutrient deficiencies. All of that and years of antibiotics lead me to get a systemic yeast infection and leaky gut syndrome. This added anemia and most of your other symptoms to my plate. I started out with just scoliosis which causes me a lot of pain, so that confused my final diagnosis a bit and it took a few years to figure this out.So, what I had to do was find out what I was allergic to. You can get an allergy test from the doctor but I had to go to another city for that so I couldn’t go through with it. What I did was took out the top 5 food allergens from my diet, as well I already knew I had issues with soy and had stopped eating that which helped a lot. The other allergens are: wheat gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts and sugar. I removed them ALL from my diet, and started to feel much better.But because of the systemic yeast issue and the leaky gut, I couldn’t absorb nutrients properly and any time I took vitamins, they went right through my intestinal wall into by body causing a severe overdose reaction, even though I took only a bit. What I eventually had to do, and this worked magically, was I got the Yeast Buster Cleans Kit from a local herbal shop.This cured my leaky gut issue and I started being able to absorb nutrients again. I started to include a multivitamin in my diet to make up for all the deficiencies from years of bad digestion. I also continue to take a probiotic every night to make sure I always have plenty of the good guys there to kill off excess yeast so I won’t ever have a systemic issue again. After all this, I find that my allergic reaction to food is greatly reduced, but I personally still stay away from wheat gluten, dairy and soy as much as possible, but now if I have them occasionally I don’t suffer, but I am still not going to push my luck.I have to continue to make sure that I eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies because if I get low on B vitamins, magnesium, calcium or omega 3, I start to have mood issues again. You can track your nutrient intake on www.fitday.com and you can easily see at the end of the day if you come up short on anything, and supplement accordingly. I also make sure to take a multivitamin once a day just for an extra boost. I would recommend you try some of these things and see if you get better, because I would bet that you do. I will leave some information resources below to help you in your journey, I read the free information on these sites, you don’t have to buy anything from them. Good luck to you, I hope for the best for you.
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