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Why does my ear and throat feel like it has a itch

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This often occurs with an infection of the ear or with a sickness like flu, cold, etc. It also could just be from sinuses. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-ear-and-throat-feel-like-it-has-a-itch ]
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Do you ever feel like the insides of your ear or throat are itchy…?
Do you ever feel like you have an itch deep inside your ear or throat and you can’t scratch it?  Having an itchy ear or throat can be sign of allergies.  This is a terrible sensation and can cause hours of discomfort. The feeling of having…
How come whenever I eat fruit my throat and ears itch and I feel …?
You’re having an anaphylactic shock. My brother has allergy to dairy products, nuts, and citrus. It’s a specific type of fruit you must be reacting to. If you are having this reaction to more than one kind of fruit, then it may be a categor…

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why do my ears hurt when i drink something?
Q: i’ve had cold-like symptoms for about 1-2 weeks; cough (with mucus and without; at times it’s productive and at times dry), itchy throat, and a stuffy nose thats not too bad; yesterday the right side of my head started to hurt–from my forehead to the top of my head (to the center of the top of my head–almost to the back). the headache was kind of bad and lasted about about 2 PM to 11 PM. I was fine this morning. But when i drink something, like water, my ears start hurting (really my right one, but also my left); they also itch randomly, but when i drink water it feels like they itch so much they hurt. the ear thing has been happening all week and maybe part of last week. What does this all mean?
A: Where do i start…lol Really you need to go see a doctor, more specifically an ear, nose, and throat specialist. There is such a close relation between those three parts of your body that common doctors regularly mis-diagnose similar conditions, by doing what they are trained to do…follow the symptoms. I’m not demeaning your family doctor, but when you get into situations like these it never hurts to see the right man. But if it was up to me i would say that you have a severe sinus infection and if it has been going on this long, you definitely need to see a doctor for anti-biotics and also get the severity of your condition examined.
How can I have faith that everything will be alright?
Q: I have had chronic hives for the last 8 years-no one can figure out why (I’m 16). Last month I started getting itching in my throat and ears. My throat has never closed but I was sure it was going to when I started getting hives in my throat and mouth. I went to the ER twice and each time the drs said I was fine and they gave me a shot of an antihistamine. My doctor gave me an epipen so that if my throat ever did close I would be prepared. I have gotton the itching and swelling under control but I still feel like my throat still might close. My parents and the drs said it will never happen but I still can’t shake the idea off that my throat could close. Sometimes I will have panic attacks where I really believe that I will not be able to breathe. My mom gives me benedryl and tells me that I am going to be fine. I want to find a way where I won’t have to take medicine to calm me down (benedryl). I want to find a way where I can trust God that see that everything will be ok. Any ideas?
A: you are in a very scary deal herei go through some also except my heart speeds up to fasti pray all the time and ask God to heal mei think he will you alsomaybe another doctor might find out why you get the hives?make sure you are saved by the blood of Jesusif you dont know how call your local preacher and ask.Jesus heals people all the time.Ask this question over in spirtal /and religion they can help youill pray for youGod Bless you
I Need Some Brainstorming Re: a Rheumatological Issue?
Q: When I was 26 (23 years ago) my knees started to hurt. I went to the Doc and they did a blood test and said that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was satisfied with that diagnosis. It definitely seemed plausible at the time. Over the years the joint pain now involves both hands and wrists as well as my knees and my lower back.But the damnedest thing happened….I have Carpal Tunnel in both hands (have had it since my late 20’s). I went to have a carpal Tunnel release on the right hand, and my Osteopath told me that I did not have RA and I’m thinking, “why do my freaking joints hurt?” At this point I am totally confused…Keep in mind that I have tested positive for RA since my first diagnosis up to the present.During all of these years I have had various issues with my skin: itchy patches, lately on my chest, on neck behind both ears, on my back just under my neck, and on my scalp, scaly skin on both breasts, around my nostrils and in the center of my forehead just above the eyebrows, in the hollows of both cheeks on my face and across the bridge of the nose. Even the insides of my ears itch. It started out as just itchy patches on my neck behind both ears. The itchy spots don’t seem to bleed or scab over and they are hardly noticeable except for the change in skin texture and some skin blotchiness that doesn’t go away- the skin feels a little spongy when compared to the surrounding skin.I recently found out (after waking up one morning out of the blue with cherry red eyes) that my tear ducts have all but stopped making tears – I am on Restasis and Patanol (for allergies, which was also discovered during this time). My throat and mouth get easily dried out.Over the years I have also had short episodes of numbness and tingling in the extremities – one time (in my 20’s) my left leg was almost totally numb for two days, luckily I have not had an episode that extreme since. The the odd numbness here and there continues.Now I am not only experiencing pain in the joints in my hand and wrist, I am experiencing stiffness in them, too. I fumble and drop things. It is tough to manage working with keys and other objects because it feels like I am trying to work through several pairs of gloves.I had a small ring of fungus on my feet for several years that although annoying, it did not become larger. Now all of a sudden it is trying to take over my feet and crawl up my leg.I have had, over the last 20 years four ANA (Anti-Nuclear Antibody) tests and they have all shown neg for possible Lupus – my last one was two years ago. All of the stuff that is happening anew and getting worse has been happening within the last year.I (supposedly) have RA but little to no joint damage after 23 years….I do have Hidradenitis Suppurativa (a skin condition that researchers suspect may have autoimmune elements) – this is apart from the itchy patches. The HS is hereditary.Hep C, (got it from cleaning up some blood after an accident back in ’84) but my Gastroenterologist says that my liver is functioning well. I do not drink and I seem to have no outward ill effect from that.Asthmatic Bronchitis.I can’t seem to walk a perfectly straight line and when I do walk, I tend to list to the left in my gait.My hair is like wiry and dry. I also get cold sores but breakouts are rare.Worse yet, my brain is fuzzy – I’ll be talking to someone and stop, trying to think of, in many cases a very simple word – this is happening more and more. For instance, me and a friend of mine were in WalMart getting some stuff for my new apartment and I needed a laundry basket but could not think of the phrase “laundry basket”. Stuff like that..I just am in a fog trying to recall simple words and phrases.I am on Paxil for a moderate case of depression, but hell, I’m thinking of getting off of it to see if my memory improves..I’m OK with the mild bouts of the blues as long as a I can think and recall. By the way, no problem recalling events whether present or past.I also take Hydrochlorothiazide for blood pressure – my pressure’s good.I don’t know what to think except that my immune system is really pissed with me.I see a Rheumatologist later this month (first one I have ever seen in my life and I hope he is a good one, ’cause I don’t know WTF is going on.Any ideas? Mature answers please.P.S. No nookie in 6 years (for those who like to chime in with ‘you got AIDS’ and such….I have also had a hysterectomy two years ago, so no menstrual issues…No hot flashes, Menopause is OK, no hormones necessary (yet)No, the Osteopath just did the surgery on my right wrist – I was surprised that he did not do any testing; maybe he was working from previous test data, if any.By the way, thanks for the links! 😀
A: You might want to be check for Psoriatic arthritis with is also an auto immune disease. One thing that you need to real that RA will affect all your organs that includes your heart and lungs as well. As long as you are taking preventative care you should not suffer from the damage RA can do. I was diagnosed with JRA when I was 3 yrs old and back in those days (50’s) they used a lot of Cortisone in all my joint which did not help really and affect my growth somewhat. Be sure that you list every issue and symptom that you are experiencing to let the Rheumatologist know. You also may want to see a Dermatologist to get a check on the psoriasis, but one that specializes in that area. Check out info that I have listed. Did your Osteopath do the same RA tests again?
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