28 yr. old with low ejection fraction.?

Q:I recently had a heart virus that has left me with a low ejection fraction of 15-20%. Has anyone had this same problem, and does the ejection fraction increase with time? I discuss specifics with my cardiologist, but I wanted some real-world experience from someone who deals with the same issue. Thanks!
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mmmm! I have that from a massive Heart Attack that should of killed me. Life is just so so, too many young people needing transplants. I have a defibulator/Pacemaker with 3 leads fitted now, I have about a 20% inprovement but not much stamina, strength or breath.To me it sounds like you might have Cardio Miopathy which is caused by a virus it affects the Heart Muscle, very serious if it came from a virus-see a “caring” Cardiologist who will explain it in simple terms.
Sounds as though you have had myocarditis, or an inflammation in the muscle of the heart. My brother had the same thing about five years ago when he was 42, and it was about two years before his heart was healthy enough to exercise again, but he is fine now. He was in ICU for a week on all kinds of meds, after he “crashed” (vascular collapse) in the ER.
having a low ejection fraction means that your heart just can’t pump as effeciently as it should. There are therapies that your doctor can prescribe, and your heart may strengthen some. You just need to make sure you follow up closely with your cardiologist. It is a serious condition.
Thats a pretty bad ejection fraction. Your doctor should have probably put you in the hospital! They were talking transplants with me when mine was that low! I dont mean to scare you, but thats pretty low. Now the good news, I am 34 years old, and male. I was diagnosed with a ideopathic cardiomyopathy in February 2005. My ef was also right around the 15 mark and I spent 10 days in the hospital. They started me on a bunch of drugs and sent me home with a defibrillator vest. About a month later i had a pacemaker/defibrillator installed in my chest (not a big deal by the way). Its now October 2006 and my ef has climbed all the way to almost 55. which is near normal, your doctor will most likely put you on high doses of coreg, spironolactone, lasix, and diovan. This combination has made me much better. The doctors are amazed with the progress my heart has made. I wish you the best of luck, and my prayers are with you for a full recovery! Good luck!
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