4 all u supersticious people.?

Q:I had a dream I went and got checked for cancer and it turns out that I had a tumor in my arm. So I had cancer. I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy not the kind of person to get cancer. I am good looking and. well. I just dont think that it could happen to me. I am very scared though, because I dont want Kemo cause that makes your hair fall out and its not good for you. Do you think I should go and get checked for it?
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First of all,cancer can happen to anyone and if you don’t want to seem like a nutcase, hust go in the doctor for a physical and casually bring the dream up ummm good looking people get cancer too. Non smokers, children, differant races. Cancer does not discriminate. You have a dream, if it eases your mind get checked out. The usually signs of cancer are pain, and weight loss along with depending on the type of cancer— lump(s).
youre just naive thats all you little l3itch of course! it’s always good to get checked. just to be sure.
I definitely think that you should get checked because cancer attacks everyone. This isn’t about being supersticious this is about being safe. You should get checked before it’s too late. If the dream comes 2 more times, then go. You could be psychic.But, if you’re really scared, get checked anyway.
Hmmmmmm. Tumor in arm.. Give more detail. What did the doctor say. If you give a little more detail I’ll know what’s wrong. So far it says you don’t have it. I wouldn’t bother and don’t scare urself it was all a dream.
Defiantly get checked, that dream was a sign and some one doesn’t want you to die, so get checked. AFTER YOU HAVE YOUR CHEMO AND YOUR HAIR FALLS OUT I GUESS YOU WON’T BE GOOD LOOKING ANYMORE AND THEN YOU will FIT THE UGLY CATEGORY FOR CANCER. you have a lot of growing up to do.You are a stupid bi t ch.my aunt is gorgeous and she got breast cancer. She lost all of her beautiful long black hair, her nails and both of her breasts. You think because you look good you don’t deserve cancer jack azz. I hope you learn a lesson you fuccen VAIN whore. I would never wish cancer on anyone it is a tramatic and heart breaking experience but if there is anyone who didn’t deserve it.it was my aunt. If there is anyone who does deserve it..it’s you! some terms to help you.kemo = chemotherapyaffend = offendvein = vain (vein is something found inside your body)tackacarteea = i think you meant “tachycardia” — it is NOT a birth or heart defect, it simply means your heartbeat is fast. and heart rates among infants (babies i mean) are faster than normal. so whoever told you, that you have tachycardia when you were a baby — i’d say, of course you did!cancer does not choose people, it can happen to anybody, even myself. it can happen to normal people, even healthy ones. so try not to think that it cannot happen to you. im guessing that you are a teenager right now, and normally hormones are very high among teenagers (other hormones i mean, not just sex hormones) so normally people this age are a little bit more emotional — and that’s probably one reason why you cried during your sleep which is completely normal (among hormonal people) and nothing to worry about if you don’t feel any lump anywhere.if you say you are wayyyyyyyyy not the kind of person to get cancer, i’d say “no wayyyyyy! yes you can!”im guessing you are wayyyyyy more worried about losing your hair than the cancer itself because you will be not so goodlooking anymore?
you think just because you are a good looking you can’t get cancer. what an idiot. Yes! Cancer does not effect people by their looks. And you say you don’t want your hair to fall out – hmmmmm let’s see what’s the alternative – death? Go in and get checked.
F**k, yes! who cares if your hair falls off. Are you joking? Its not as though cancer only attacks ugly people.
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