Aids from monkeys or gay guys?

Q:what makes ppl think that aids ever originated from monkeys? plz state a source. and i have also heard that aids originated from gay men, what makes ppl say this and plz state a source.
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There are many theories about the origin of the HIV virus but none of them have them proved.No record of HIV virus exists in history and it has been said that it started in central Africa and from there it started spreading slowly and slowly.HIV was identified in 1983.Earlier the researchers found that chimps acquired the disease from eating one of their favorite preys: monkeys.“Chimps are 98 percent genetically the same as humans, and they don’t get sick from SIV. This is an especially important clue for developing an HIV vaccine, the researchers said. Understanding what prevents chimps from getting sick would help scientists duplicate resistance to AIDS symptoms in humans.”Researchers say, “Chimps likely picked up viruses from both types of monkeys, and eventually a hybrid formed, the researchers said. That probably happened tens of thousands of years ago, which may have given chimps an opportunity to evolve resistance to an AIDS-like disease.”Some researchers say that virus related to HIV is found in monkeys in Africa. Many scientists believe that the first humans got the HIV virus from monkeys by eating them as food or being scratched or bitten by them. It is possible that during preparation of the food or butchering the meat the infected blood could have entered the human body through a cut.A Canadian flight attendant, nicknamed “patient zero” dies of AIDS he had sexual connection with several of the first victims of AIDS. It is believed that he is responsible for introducing the virus into the general population. By 1984 there are almost 8000 confirmed cases in the US, with 3700 confirmed deaths (CDC surveillance report, Dec. 1984).
i heard for a fact that a gay man slept with a monkey and thats how AIDS spreaded. thats what I heard
People in Africa eat monkeys. My mom went there and accidently had monkey brain for dinner. She was sick for months. Basically if monkeys did indeed have aids originally then all someone would have had to do was eat some undercooked monkey that was rare or raw and bam you just ingested aids.
They think that HIV crossed the species barrier and that it came from SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus), which is basically the same but affects apes, however they don’t die from it. It’s thought that it might have crossed over to our species by a bite or by having apes infected as a food-source. SAIDS (Super AIDS) is the syndrome caused by SIV and it only becomes deadly after crossing the species barrier.You can’t attribute it to gay men but they were the first population that was heavily affected, so much so that in the 80s when it was discovered, it was called the gay flu. Of course, we now know that it affects people of any sexual preference and that it spreads by having sexual relations. No need to blame them.
Face it: a lot of people in poor societies aren’t real picky about where their food comes from. They may eat grubs or they may eat ‘bush meat’ which is a general term for anything that didn’t run fast enough to get away. When you butcher an animal, you come in contact with its blood. HIV came from closely related monkey viruses that crossed over to humans this way. Viruses and bacterial infections that aren’t easily spread can spread out of control if conditions are right, and promiscuous sexual activity (regardless of orientation) is the right condition. It isn’t the sexual activity that creates the virus, but that activity spreads it. HIV isn’t the only problem. Hepatitis became a problem among homosexuals in the 70s. Siphilis is a rising problem, again linked to gays. In Africa, it isn’t gays but a general problem with heterosexual promiscuity. The HIV virus came from monkeys, though. These viruses didn’t affect us as long as we never penetrated the places where they naturally occurred. Once someone, for whatever reason, brings one out–well, now it’s a problem. Ebola is nothing new; it was drug out of the wilds.
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