Aids Truth or False?

Q:My friends says she dosent have aids but she has the cells in her body to make aids since she caught it early she took her medicine and she dosent have it anymore has anybody heard of this is this true or false
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false, the disease that leads 2 AIDS is HIV, there is no current cure 4 HIV, there are meds u can take 2 slow down the process of the disease but still, no cure. she lied 2 u about something.
There is a distinction in modern medicine between being HIV positive (infected), and the development of AIDS. The two may be separated by a decade or more, if medications are taken regularly. Hopefully, in the interim, for your friend, maybe a cure can be found.
She could be talking about the cocktail that people who believe that they’ve been exposed to the virus can take, which greatly reduces the chance of infection.There are also several pills out there that can cause HIV+ people to test negative, but they still have the disease.
AIDS is the disease that you can get if you are HIV positive. HIV is the virus that causes the syndrome.She has to keep taking medicine. She means that the virus is undetectable in her bloodstream. Magic Johnson and Tommy Morrison (who claims he doesn’t need medicine) are in the same situation. They used to be pro athletes. HIV, fortunately, is no longer a death sentence. Some studies suggest that people could even go off the drugs for a few weeks at a time, but that is not good for everyone necessarily.
SHE HAS HIV THE VIRUS THAT CAUSES AIDS.She is most likely telling you this to maintain a friendship with her. If she is HIV positive will most likely have AIDS at least once in her life. You see you can never get a cure for a HIV but AIDS is a term for a group of infections a person get when they have HIV and there immune response has been virtually eliminated so you start getting infections that normally humans don’t get. She has HIV if she is a Friend without (benefits) you should love her and commit to being a part her treatment if she is a Friend with certain benefits you need to be tested and you must both seek counseling as the relationship could continue if you both are aware of the consequences. No matter what every person deserves to be loved.I must also mention there are a rare group of people who are carriers that will never themselves die of the disease but instead pass it on without ever knowing it. a look at this website
she sounds like she is hiv positive aand that is not full blown aids only blood tests can tell you if it is gone , some ppl do recover from it and it does go away
AIDS (the full blown virus) is the end stages of having HIV.If you catch the HIV in an early stage, the medications help supress the genetics of the virus. The virus never goes away, it is just supressed. This expands the life expectancy for a longer time since the HIV is kept from becoming the full blown virus-AIDS.
If your friend ever had hiv, she still has it. Now what she maybe trying to say is this. She found out she had the hiv virus and started taking medications. With the technology we have today we can only count the amount of hiv virus in your blood so low. but it doesnt mean it isnt still there. The hiv virus hides in out lympnodes and lymphosites. Medication cant reach them there. But your friends hiv virus level, which is called her viral load, is so low because of her meds its called being undetectable. That means with the tests we have today it cant find any of the virus in her blood stream. But if she was to stop her meds, the virus would come out of her lymphnodes and lymphosites and start re attacking her immune system. She probasbly doesnt have AIDS but I can guarenteee you she is still HIV positive. Keep taking her meds and she can live a long healthy life, as hiv is no longer a death sentence, but more a disease tha is now controlable and manageable. Best of luck to you and your friend and my blessings to you both.And for the record you are considered hiv postive as long as your cd-4 (t-cells) stay above 200. Once your cd-4’s hit 200 or lower you are considered haveing AIDS. Even if you start meds after you dropped below 200 and your cd-4’s shoot up to 6 or 700 you are still legally considered having AIDS, once you cross that threshhold once, it will always be AIDS.Yes the best medication mothers can take to prevent mother to child infection is AZT. Because babies when first born are using their mothers immune systems cd-4’s and other cells most often babies are not infected with HIV, because they eventually lose their parents cells and develope their own immune systen within weeks. IMPOSSIBLE! you cant get rid of AIDS!
Its called HIV aand it will lead into AIDS.
there is absolutely no way you are able to get rid of aids or the HIV virus <even in it’s earliest stages> if you have contracted it even once. it’s completely FALSE!
I’ve heard it’s true, it’s pretty rare though., HIV+ women who are pregnant can take medications while they are pregnant which can sometimes prevent the baby from being born with it.
She has the Hiv virus which causes aids so therefore she may not have full blown aids. It is not cureable though
Have her take a blood test
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