allergy symptoms without allergy is B12 a fix?

Q:I had allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sneeezing etc. I started taking b12 and the symptoms went away. Could low b12 cause allergy symptoms?
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To add on what the first respondant said, if you were indeed tested for allergies and the results were negative, all that did was show that you are not allergic to those common substances. You could be allergic to other things, or you be affected by substances that are irratants, but not allergans. (caustic chemicals, for instance, which are all around us. Think pesticides, cleaners, outgassing from carpet, paint, vinyl, etc, etc, etc.) I had allergies as a kid and was tested again several years ago. No more allergies. But if I miss a couple days of Claritian-D, I really start to feel it. (so now I go around town buying the stuff like an addict since most places only let you buy 1 box at a time)
No. You have allergies. The B12 is a placebo. It has no effect on allergies. You just may not have been tested for the right allergies.
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