Are lobotomies effective in treating psychiatric patients?

Q:juz wanna know why it was widely practised in the yesteryears..?n is it effective..?n also, did all of the patients survived n lived as normal individuals?
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Yes, way back in the twenties and thirties it was practiced extensively on psychiatric patients with amazing results but unfortunately disastrous due to not being able to rehabilitate the people, they were, like three year old. to say the least. There are some prisons that want to offer this treatment to sex offenders instead of keeping them locked up forever on taxpayers expenses but.? it’s not really humane
it depends on the type of condition that the patient is suffering from. If it was a eptileptic suffering from brain damge because of seizures they would have a frontal lobe labotimy, which will minimalize motor skills and would not really be able to live a normal life, but the seizures do stop. Such as in the case of H.M. (which his name was never released) but he also suffered from severe short term memory, and also had to stay in the hospital for years until his death. So it short, it depends on the case most of the times it helps the condition but many other things in the human body are at risk.
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