Aside from a Ted Hose is there anything else i can use on my calf to keep it from swelling when i'm on my feet

Q:I have/had blood clots in my leg and need something to keep the calf and even up to the knee from puffing up. When I’m on my leg for even 10 min. or more it swells and gives me discomfort. I am looking for something besides a Ted Hose that would give me the support I need. PLEASE keep your rude comments to yourself. This is a serious problem not just a joke.
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Unfortunately, there isn’t much else that can be done without surgery. Try elevating your leg when you’re not standing up. Also put your leg up on a pillow when you lay down at night. If you are suffering, and your doctor is unable to provide you with better treatment, see someone else and/or ask them to refer you to a vascular specialist.
Well there are a variety of choices, but none are great. You can wear a ted hose as you mention. There are also some great medical stockings that just go up to the knee that come in fashionable colors such as black, or beige so they look much more like knee highs or socks. They can be selected for how much support you want in them. These can be bought from medical supply stores. Also you can simply wrap from your heel to your knee in an ACE bandage. This helps compress the calf. There are medications to help you lose the excess fluid in your body (diuretics) that you can get from your MD. Also if you keep the calf muscles well toned it helps promote the venous system to return the blood and fluid to your heart where it belongs. When standing be sure to do the “flamingo” frequently. That is, stand with one leg lifted up bent at the knee. Squeeze your calf muscles while you do this. It gives that leg a rest and helps you move the fluid up your leg. Alterate this between legs. This is what sailors do on long watches on the deck. As you know, whenever possible keep your leg elevated. Shoes that cover your foot well (like running shoes) keep the fluid from settling in your foot which aggravates the calf.Good luck.
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