Barfing in the Sun?

Q:Can anyone out there tell me why I feel nautious after sitting in the Sun for only a few minutes.?
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Dunno, Maybe talk to your doctor. There is such a thing as being allergic to the sun. I wouldnt know though b/c I love the sun. IMO, anything that makes you react on a regular basis so severly definitly needs to be addressed by a doctor. They could totally answer your question better than anyone here (unless a person who is a doctor or med student answers your question) Good Luck. And be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen
I feel the same way. Some people can’t take a lot of sun exposure. You could try hydrating well with Gatorade before going out and take your water bottle with you. Have you been getting a lot of sunshine lately? Maybe you have heatstroke?
heat strokeyou were over-heated to begin with, sitting in the sun made it suddenly worse.
I am not fair-skinned and I have the same problem. I haven’t gone to a doctor (yet) but I suspect its my heart. I had mononucleiosis last winter for the first time coupled with strep and it was a late diagnosis. They say that your heart can suffer damage in more severe cases and mine was pretty severe. So now the heat always makes me sick and weak and I have to lie down and rest no matter what. My heart beats really hard, too. I’m only 22 and normal weight so it can happen to anyone.
albino? I have to assume by your screen name that you are fair skinned. We tend to be extremely sensitive to the sun. Getting nauseous is a sign of sun or heat stroke. It can happen very quickly, I once got second almost third degree sunburn within 1/2 hour of being in the sun. Make sure to wear sun screen, stay cool, and hydrated.
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