Big Red lump on right side of lower stomach?

Q:Ok so this pimple looking bump started a few days ago and I was messing with it but could only get a little puss out of but then it started to grow larger now about 2 inches when I feel around on it. It is red and really painful if I push on it or bump into it and it also feels warm compared to other parts of my stomach. I can feel the harden puss inside the the lump but nothing is coming out and it is way to painful to push on it and try to pop it. I do a lot of surfing and have been wearing my wetsuit wich is really tight so do you think that may have something to do with it getting more inflammed. Please let me know what you think this is and are there any OTC medicines for it or do I need to see a doctor or just let it go away on its on. Thank you
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I think it’s time to go to a doctor.
It sounds like a boil and it could be staph. Go see your doctor as soon as you can. In the meantime use a hot compress, which is a hot, wet washcloth, on it to help soften it up and draw out the infection. Make sure that you keep it clean and dry when you’re not using the hot compress and try to let it air out as much as possible. I would gently clean the area with soap and warm water and it would probably be ok to use neosporin or hydrogen peroxide on it. Again, go see the doctor – whatever it is, it’s treatable and will be a bad memory in no time.
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