Can anemia kill you?

Q:I have anemia and the doc said im going to have it for the rest of my life, can it kill me?
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It depends on the kind of anemia you have If it’ s lack of iron, you need to take some extra iron or follow a diet. don’ t worry you won’t die, you will just feel a little tired.
Yea, I have it too, It’s because I have low iron. It can lead to death, but it rarely happens.
If you don’t keep your iron levels up you may need a blood transfusion, and if you refuse blood transfusion then yes it is possible you could die. But as long as it’s kept in check and you take your iron tablets it won’t kill you. Good question -its the lack of iron and it can make you very tired.
Anemia can be fatal. However, treatment depends on what type of Anemia you have. Also, it can assist in complicating other illnesses. For example, I have Thalassemia minor. I take an iron supplement, however, my blood always shows up as anemic. When I developed Hodgkin’s disease, I did end up having to receive blood as well as a blood transfusion. But anyway, I digress. You need to monitor it and possibly take an iron supplement. But, I wouldn’t let it keep me awake at night. Source(s):
There are many different kinds of anemias. Some are mild and temporary and can be cured with vitamin shots or iron tablets. Others are very serious and can even be life-threatening. If your doctor said you will have it for the rest of your life, the causes of your anemia may be genetic. In order to understand how serious it is, you need to learn the full name of the anemia from the doctor. The doctor can also give you advice about how it should be treated and what kinds of health problems it can cause for you.
It depends on the cause. Women seldom die of iron deficiency anemia, just wish they were dead. Blood diseases such as leukemia or a malignancy causing bleeding can be fatal.
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