can anyone help me on alcohol consumption?

Q:need a sure fire way to at least.cut down..cant attend the AAAmeetings due to.small town U.S.A any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ! thank you E-mail [email protected]
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you have to want to..then just do it..quit Pay no attention to those folks who tell you JUST DO IT.. Ya need to get a hobby.. My husband quit and he bought chickens and raised them. Baby chickens take a lot of time. TIME is the enemy here. Be busy, move furniture, clean, mow, get a boat, take up ANYTHING that will require your time.. I also want to tell you I`m proud of you. This is NOT easy and You can do it. You took the first step.. Keep it up. Get involved in the community. Become a coach for the neighborhood baseball, football team. Go for walks, get a dog, heck get two.. Keep moving and grooving.. Hang in there.. God Bless & hugs from Texas.. {:-)<><STAY AWAY FROM ACTIVITIES AROUND BOOZE.. Eventually you will get to where that won`t be a problem
send me your beer. they have live aa meetings online.
Just quit drinking AA is bullshit. 90% of ppl that go into AA, just keep on drinkin. In fact they end up makin drinkin buddies there. U have more chances quittin on ur own. Promise to non-drinkin ppl that care about u, that u wont drink anymore. Avoid drinkin buddies and liquer establishments. Decide on a specific thhing that u would in case of stress or a celebration. I found hot tea to be helpful.
read the bible and ease up on yourself if you have a slip.if you are a daily drinker then check into a hospital, you can email meat [email protected] anytime for support, been there and done it.AA didn’t work but reading and praying did. Just don’t be too hard on yourselfand understand you have no control and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.this too will pass Well, a start would be to make it a point not to go anywhere that serves it and to get rid of all the alcohol in the house. If you aren’t around it, you can’t drink it.
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