can bell’s palsy be caused by a ceiling fan?

Q:can bell’s palsy be caused by a ceiling fan?
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You are not Joni B.
its genetic
No, it is caused by a virus I believe.
uhhh —- NO!
It’s not genetic. It is probably due to a virus but the jury is still out. It is definitely not due to a ceiling fan.
NO! The disorder is presumed to be associated with inflammation of the facial nerve where it travels through the bones of the skull. Other causes of cranial mononeuropathy VII, such as head injury and tumor, need to be excluded. Other conditions, such as sarcoidosis, diabetes, and Lyme disease, are associated with Bell’s palsy.
I don’t think it can be caused by a ceiling fan, but when Bell’s Palsy is coming on, the face is very sensitive to things like air, light, etc…After you have Bell’s palsy and one side of the face is paralyzed, those things won’t bother you. Then you spend three months taking expensive medications to get back to normal. I had this condition 3 years ago.
some people have Lyme disease and develop a bells like facial dropping.
If you smack yourself in the face with one….maybe.
only if the room below where you are standing has a ceiling fan.Are you a Joni Wanna B ?
No, that is not true. It is caused by a virus in your ear. My mother came down with Bell’s Palsy two weeks ago.
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