Can too much masterbation damage ur bits? I’m at it 20 times a day?

Q:My name is Alex and Im worried that over exercise on my genetals has led to permanent injury. My friend Nush said that it could be permanent and im seriously worried cause I dont want anything bad to happen to my manhood. All the girls love it (who can blame em? its a 17 inch beast!) and i dunno where i would be without my beloved tony! please help someone…. anyone had this experience?
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yes because im 26 years old and i happended to me kid slow down go to twice a DAY
Wow…your tiny…quite playing with it …give it some time to grow..
ur gay
It’s no wonder you’re brain-dead – the blood from your head is all in your beast! Yeah, we all believe! 20 times a day?? It’s time for you to find a job.
I think you need to do something else with all that time one your hands……… lolYou might get blisters on your hands!!!!!1
U need something else to occupy your time. I’m guessing you’re single. Look for a girlfriend. . . and a job. If you have a job, I hope you’re not doing THAT THERE!
lol. 17 inches in your dreams. you need to get a life. 20 times a day? lol.
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