Can you get jaundice from drinking too much alcohol?

Q:Can you get jaundice from drinking too much alcohol?
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Yes you can get jaundice. But you would have to be drinking a huge amount of alcohol for that to happen. Jaundice is a symptom that your liver is not functioning properly, so see your doctor about it if it persists.
Yes, in theory because jaundice happens when the liver isn’t functioning right to filter toxins out of your blood, and alcohol damages your liver, especially in excessive amounts.
Absolutely. Jaundice is caused by backed up bile in your body. The liver produces bile. Liver damage can be caused by alcohol abuse.
Yes! My uncle died earlier this year through liver disease and couldn’t hold on long enough for a transplant. He was looked jaundiced pretty much the last few months before he passed away. The reason for his liver disease was because of he liked his red wine and brandy too much. He would quite often drink it on an empty stomach. It was the same for over 30 years and it caused internal bleeding in the stomach. Instead of excreting solid waste, he was passing blood that was black. Because his stomach was filled with blood, it had to be removed. During surgery, his doctors noticed he developed a tumor in his liver, which was eventually removed by surgery. But by then it was too late cos the tumor was cancerous and had spread to the rest of his liver. He died 4 months after.
Yep, too much alcohol consumption will pickle your liver, cause cirrhosis and in turn cause jaundice. You do have to be a very heavy drinker for a fairly long period of time for this to happen, unless your liver is already compromised and unhealthy.
maybe over time but not in one one sitting to drink that much alcohol you would have a heart attack or pass out and choke on your for over time it is possible if your liver stops functioning due to your alcohol consumption.
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