Did you know why you continue breathing while you are sleeping?

Q:Did you know why you continue breathing while you are sleeping?
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yes, because if you didn’t you would die.. did you know that you breathe while in the womb where there is fluid…
A part of your brain, the medulla controls your breathing. you inhale oxygen, which is loaded into your blood cells, then is combined with nutrients such as glucose to make energy and carbon dioxide. this is called cellular respiration. your body uses this energy to keep you alive. the carbon dioxide is the waste product which we exhale. if your don’t breathe for 4 minutes, you will live because our lung stores extra air which we don’t exhale. if we don’t breathe, we don’t live.
because other wise you would die?
Because it is an unconscious bodily function and you would die if you stopped breathing.
Yes, the brain sends automatic messages to your body so it continues working while you are sleeping so you don’t die.
you have to breathe in order to stay alive..when you are sleeping you are not dead..therefore, you must continue breathing!
breathing is controled by the part of the brain that controls other bodily functions that dont need constant thought..your brain is prewired to make you breathe, for your heart to beat, and other body functions that you never think about.
Breathing is an unconcious action. We don’t have to think to do it. Just like your beating heart, your heart just beats you have no control over it. For example a concious action would be moving your arm around. Unconcious action; blinking.
Breathing while sleeping is controlled by your autonomic nervous system by the breathing center in the medulla oblongata which responds to the levels of carbon dioxide and hydrogen ion (acid) in the blood.
if we stop breathing at anytime guess whats happens,we die.
Autonomic responses, such as breathing, digestion and heart beats, keep you alive regardless of whether you think about them or not.
No, I don’t know.
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