Do people with parkinson’s disease make good lovers?

Q:They must like to wriggle a bit more in bed
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Now that’s what I call a rubbish question!Shows your mental age.
I really hope you are not kidding…I’d hate to think you were just making a childish joke. It’s not funny to make jokes based on something as serious as Parkinson’s. I’m sure that someone with parkinson’s is still capable of fullfilling their partner, especially if they are with someone who understands and loves them.
Despite the obvious distasteful question but still needs answering, Most Parkinson’s patient are old barring few, and sex is last thing on your mind when you eve struggle to feed yourself, not to mention other features including slowed responses and rigidity. Most medication for Parkinson ruin your libido and erection anyway, so sadly Parkinsonian patient may not make an ideal lover for you. But why not try snake if wriggling is what you are after
What a unnecessary and pointless question.
This so called question is so wrong, you should be ashamed of yourself.
it is a terrible disease..nothing to ask dumb questions about..I hope it never happens to you. My mother has dymensia and parkinsons, she has been in either a nursing home or hospital for 5 years, it is a wicked disease
Your not nice karmas gonna get you
thats so wrong.. ask m.j. fox
No they don’t make better lovers because they shake to much and they get cramps and muscle tightening. They tend to have parts of their body go numb. They shake all the time without even knowing that they are doing it. It is really a shame to watch someone go through parkinson’s.
How very sad that you felt the need to ask such a question ! I hope for your sake God doesn’t inflict any debilitating illness on you or a member of your family. I live with MS everyday and have for the last 25 years. My Mom has Parkinson’s. Life has not been easy for either of us and it has taken a toll on our family. They are a huge support to both of us. I am responsible for most of my Mom’s needs. Try that while you yourself really needs the help. NO, this is not O POOR ME, it’s trying to make you and any others out there realize people like Michael J. Fox are trying to enlighten people of the sincerity of trying to go on to live as much of a normal life as possible. HOW OLD ARE YOU ANYWAY ? SHAME ON YOU ! YOUR MOTHER WOULD BE VERY UPSET IF SHE KNEW YOU WERE SO SHALLOW, HARD-HEARTED, IMMATURE, ETC..
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