Do you think that STEM CELL research is important?

Q:Have you heard of any more progress in the transfer, grafting or reimplantation of “Islte’s of Langerhans” Glands? I have several friends and family members who have suffered and died because of Diabetes.
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EXTREMELY!! It is totally obscene that conservatives have tried to sabotage such medical breakthrough over misguided information.
Well, umbilical cords are a better source for such research and it doesn’t require killing the baby. So… yeah its important but not sure the taking of 1 life to save another in this fashion is appropriate when an ulternative way is available.
Stem cells, are very important to me. I have hope that one day Autism will be cured w/ stem cells.
yes stem cell research is very important and will help people who suffer from very deadly diaseaes get the help they need to live healthly lives.
Stem cell research is extremely important. The main reason is that they have to capability to become any type of cell. This means that they can be used to replace nervous tissue for Parkinson’s disease sufferers and diabetes sufferers even. I mean will the possibility to regenerate tissue or cells that have no chance of rejection is amazing. They are the new holy grail of biology and unfortunately its research is limited by the ruling of the current Bush administration. But there is no need to worry as the rest of the world sees the promise in stem cells and is continuing research in it nonetheless. The US will be left behind but sense medical techniques and discovery are shared there will only be a slight delay in revolutionary treat of people which such diseases.
I found it very important because it saves lives and the sorry president veto (the first one in five years of his term). The problem is that most religous people think it is a sin that they using a part that was once alive. I thought that God given man that knowledge to help others out. Then again it is always a religious thing or a moral thing that really don’t mean anything if it benefits others in saving lives. Yes, because it has some very imortant implacations. It has the possibility of curing many, currently incurable diseases.
Glyconutrients help the body produce it’s own stem the information and testimonials on my page.
It’s the key to eradicating any number of diseases. Future generations will look back and wonder why we allowed a minority of right-wing fundamentalists to let millions of people die unnecessarily…
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