Does anyone know of a home remedy for head lice?

Q:I have 3 girls and I found lice in two of my girls’ head- but I treated all of our heads. I have done the rid, i have spent countless hours with conditioner and the nit metal comb, i have washed and thrown out a lot of things that I thought the lice may be on. I thought they were gone and I found a small lice bug in one of my daughters head again like it was a newly hatched lice. I am so desperate to get rid of this – not to mention my kids are so tired of me picking in their heads. I spend hours and hours on their heads we all have long thick curly hair and I really am trying to avoid cutting their hair. but i will.. I have spent so much money on rid, combs , conditioners please tell me of any remedy that I havent listed here that actually worked! for good! please I am desperate! I cant take this anymore its horrible and gross! i thought the lice couldnt live if it wasnt feeding on a human head? does anyone know if blowdrying or flat ironing the hair would help? maybe burn them up
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I would try petroleum jelly, it might make their heads oily but I’ve heard it worked.
Actually, there were some articles out a few days ago about a scientist that was using hot air to dry the lice out and kill them. I don’t know the details, but it sounded interesting.The trouble with lice is the eggs. You an think you’ve gotten all the little buggers, then a few more eggs hatch, and you’re starting all over again. All the bedding, clothes, hats are suspected carriers of eggs, as well as pets (especially birds). A good washing of everything should take care of them, but it’ll likely require repeated washings, as it’s so difficult to get them all in one shot, as you well know from trying to get them out of your girl’s hair.Even with the hot air, or the insecticides, you may be forced to cut their hair to eliminate all the possibilities.
They’re getting re infestation from somewhere, that’s all there is to it sweetheart. Either their friends, a brush you missed, clothing, the sheets, something has to be missed for re infestation. Do it all over again and get everything from the top of the ceiling to the floor and everything in between.
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