Does every irregular heartbeat need meds?

Q:I have an irregular its not that bad so i’m guessing that why my doc didnt give me any.
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no..meds are only prescribed to serious cases..if it’s not serious u don’t need meds..ur doctor knows what he’s doing..but do take good care of ur healthy n balanced meals..include more veges in ur diet and eat less fatty and oily foods..u must also exercise cardio-type’ll help ur heart alot..
No, not every irregular heartbeat needs meds. I have a benign murmur that causes no problems. If you are still concerned however, go for a second opinion.
No, it depends on the cause of the irregularity.
You doctor knows best.
I have heart problems and not all people with irregualr heart beats need meds
no, irregular heart beats arent life threatning to a sense, make sure you keep your check ups with your dr to avoid any other serious difficulties like your heart getting very irregular will mean something isnt working properly.
No. Trust your Doctor, but only after they run appropriate tests. Has this ever happened in the Drs office or shown up on EKG? If not, he is guessing. I would suggest a Holter monitor, but you should ask your doc.
No, not all irregulaar heartbeats need meds. But you do need to make sure you do regular check-ups with your doctor, and if you experice anything unusual then you need to get some meds to help.
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