DOES jerking of and getting sperm out is decreasing it ??

Q:idonot marry yet and i am worry about that is wrong about getting babys in the future i jerking of daily when i have shower pls answer awrite answer and tell me what i will do
More Answers to “DOES jerking of and getting sperm out is decreasing it ??
What the **** is your problem? No because men produce sperm cells and have millions of them
Learn how to speak english. Maybe it is deminishing your brain cells.
no b/c your body is constantly producing more sperm cells.
ya your f**ked dude i would stop your never gonna get yourself pregnant that way…..go read a book on human sexuality before you go and get yourself aids or herpes….think guy if that were true then most people would not be ya you better stop or the only other solution…….minimum 8 times a day,for 2 weeks then stop for 3 weeks….then you be fine..
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