Does the military automatically check for it?

Q:I have a boyfriend currently serving in Iraq. I went and got tested and ended up having syphillis and chlamidya, I have been completly faithful to him and after I told him this he went and got tested and he didnt have anything, after thinking about it I was asking him if maybe the military does automatic shots or something that would get rid of that before he even knew he had it. I dont think that he would have not caught it considering we have been together for 2 years and have been having unprotected sex, if anyone has an answer for me I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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My fioncee is in the military and they always check them for std’s, Excpecially before they go on leave.. So yeah either he just didnt get it from you (which i highly doubt he wouldnt have gotten it) Or they tested him before he left, treated it, and is now lying to make you look like the bad one.
I do not know what military these people were in when they responded, but the only time they will check for STDs in when you first go in. After that they will only check for HIV every 6 months to a year, depending on where you are stationed. They do not inject the soldiers with anything to prevent STDs, they only get normal vaccinations and some special ones depending are where they will be stationed. I know this cause I was the one who made sure they went and got their HIV test every time.
they check for this i ought to know i was in the war myself and your boyfriend is a lair if he tells you different . my opion?
They check for STD’s before getting into bootcamp. Maybe he went behind your back, because if he had STD’s, they would not let him in.
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