Does warm water/liquids eg; tea loosen mucus?

Q:I have Sinusitis, and the phlegm is nasty, it’s white and other than that I’m fine. If I were to drink some hot tea, or water or any hot liquid would it help loosen the mucus? Thanks.
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Mucus is viscous, adding heat to a viscous substance thins it out. Then it is easier to break up mucous.
Water, Gatorade, and similar clear fluids help to thin mucus; I can’t really tell that the temperature makes a lot of difference, as the body has to heat (or cool) any liquid to more-or-less body temperature before using it. Be sure to stay away from caffeinated drinks, as this narrows the air passages in somewhat the same way as it narrows blood vessels. One of the best things I’ve found for breaking up mucus is guifenisen, found in over-the-counter preparations like Mucinex and Robitussen; those specify drinking at least a glass of water with each dose.
yeah add some honey too
Spicey things work the best.
yes it ismy tip is have a warm drink of blackcurrent then that will help you to caugh it up
Use a vaporiser..drinking warm fluids, preferable warm water helps loosen the mucus. Ginseng (a medicinal root) is also said to be effective. Mix some VICKS vaporum in a shallow pot of hot water. Cover your head with a towel and inhale its vapors. Be careful not to burn yourself. Hope you feel better soon!
I don’t know if it’s scientifically proven or anything, but I have a ton of sinus trouble, and it seems to help me.Also, try alka-seltzer for sinus’s. It helps a lot.
Yes I do not why but from personal experience it does seem to work.
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