Extremely itchy skin when I work out and do cardio, skin feels fine normally! What could cause this?

Q:My skin gets really itchy when I do cardio to the point when it starts to happen I have to stop. I feel very annoyed and frusterated after this and I have to sit still until my heart rate goes back down and the itch subsides. I get heat bumps usually where it itches the worse but I notice it is on my legs, stomach and hands/arms. (like a severe tingle/itch) No rashes and the heat bumps go away fast (kinda like when you take a hot shower) My skin feels fine normally, hardly ever itches. I do not have dry skin, I lotion almost everyday, stopped using perfumes in my detergents, changed types of clothing, also changed deodorants and stopped using certain products like perfumed lotions with no change. Has happened for the last 1 1/2 year and I do not live in a dry state. I can’t think of anything else that would cause this, anyone else have this problem or can think of anything I haven’t? Did web searches to no avail.. thanks!
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You are allergic to exercise.
I used to get it all the time. Turned out I was sensitive to my t-shirts fabric softener. Once I got fragrence free fabric softener and washing machine soap all of it went away. I think what happens is the fragrances get heated when working out and then loosen up and spread to your skin causing the itches.
Sounds like Warm Uticaria. does it happen with hot showers?go to the dermatologist and have them test your skinyou may need some medication.. or to find out if you have an autoimmune disorder that needs to be tended to. It’s just because you get really hot & the increased blood flow makes your skin itch. I don’t know what you can do about it, but it’s pretty common.
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