Has any type 2 diabetics tried exenatide? Let me know how it worked for you.?

Q:Has any type 2 diabetics tried exenatide? Let me know how it worked for you.?
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Type 2 Diabities is totally reversable, all you have to do is change your lifestyle and what you eat. I go to church with this Life style Doctor and that is what he specialises in. He has a very high reverse rate in Type 2 Diabities and Cardio Vascular Disease. He works out of Tennessee but he travels. I am in Texas and he is here at my church. He used to work in Regular health care but he left that because they did not try to cure the Diabities just the symptoms. But now he reverses the Diabietes…If you are interested let me know!
thanks for all !
Type 1, Type 2, I forget. I’m non-insulin dependent and I’ve been using Byetta since July 10. My fasting blood sugars have been pretty good, ranging mostly from 100 to 110, with occasional ventures into the teens, but never higher than that. I used Avandia and then Actos for about 10 years and never really had a problem with FBG levels. HA1c was always in the “normal” range near 5-5.5%. I might actually be losing weight, as the doctor thought I would. He just wants to get me off of the pills because of possible side effects that are now emerging in the literature. Yeah, it’s an annoyance to do two shots a day and time them with meals, but it’s not oppressive. I have a long weekend in the woods coming up and it will be interesting to see how I manage that, since you are supposed to keep the Byetta refrigerated. I’ve “heard” that a few days without being refrigerated is not going to ruin the medicine and I guess I’ll find out next month. As far as “how it works,” though, I’d say it works just fine. Feel free to contact me via e-mail to discuss…I am so deeply sorry about the 12 year old neice mentioned above, but as far as I know, exenatide was not on the market a year ago, so it must have been some other medicine. It’s also unlikely that it would have been used in a 12 year old who would have been insulin-dependent. I don’t mean to cause you any pain, faitherzbaby, but I don’t want someone else to be scared to use this medicine based on your message. You can also feel free to contact me in e-mail if you want to discuss this. my neice tried it and it didnt work even though the dic said it was and ahe ended dying when sh ewas 12.
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