have got a small lump on my foot that is very itchy when i walk.?

Q:it does not itch at all when i am sitting down. anyone know what this might be.
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maybe it’s a bug bite
if it’s itchy, maybe its an insect bite. it itches when you walk because it’s rubbing against your shoes? hmm…maybe you should take a picture and post it on the internet for us to look at
nat bite?
Poison ivy, a bug bite, scab from a cut that is at the stage where it is growing back but very itchy! Or maybe an allergic reaction. on the sole of your foot? maybe it is a cist. go get it looked at. also…varicose veins sometimes appear lumpy and they can itch like a madman..
it might be a wart..go to your dermatologist
I agree with the possibility of a plantar wart. Get it checked out, and check on www.mayoclinic.com for information on such warts.
Apply an antiseptic solution to the affected area before you go out walking and when you stop doing that; wear cotton socks and finally, get professional help – consult a doctor!
Midge bite
could be athletes foot…try canestan powder from the chemist, it could also be scabies which is not a nice thing to have at all seek your doctors advice regardless as to what you are told here today from anyone
If it’s on the bottom, it might be a plantar wart.
I think it’s some kind of blister. I got it once. My lump was filled with some kind of transparent liquid and it was VERY itchy. I scratched it until it busted and then the itchy feeling stopped. So I think that itchy feeling you are getting is your body telling you to bust that lump.I suggest you pickle that lump with something clean and sharp and see what happens. It shouldn’t hurt.
You have not indicated the precise location of the small lump.If it is anywhere in the region of the ankle it may well be a ‘ganglion’. This is a collection of encapsulated nerve endings or a cystic tumour on a tendon sheath.In most cases you will be advised to ignore it as the condition is harmless.
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