HELP, puberty isnt very good?

Q:Hi, i am 13 and this service has been suggested to me. I have a problem. All the boys in my school say tht your testicles “drop” during puberty. I was bron in August and mine have not “dropped” yet. I have started growing pubic hair above my penis but not under my arms. It is embarrassing in school in the changing rooms because it seems like some of the boys testicles are really big and they kind of bulge out of their boxers shorts (they do not show, but they are visibly big) My voice has not broken yet and i am kind of being teased my people on my bus. Lots of my friends shave but i do not, i am blonde and i am also being teased about this. Life is pretty tedious at the minute and it has not been the best start to year 9. My penis size is not very big and all my friends say theirs is. Are they lying or should i see a doctor about this? They all say they masturbate but i dont, should i? Is all this normal for a boy of 13 and 2 months or do i need help? Thanks, Tim
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Your balls dropping just means your voice getting deeper and that can happen at any time during puberty and is not something to worry about. We all develop at different rates/ages. You don’t need to worry that other boys are masturbating and have bigger penises as yours will grow at the right time for you. Until your voice has broken (gets deeper, balls dropped) you wont feel the urge to masturbate. I have blond hair too and got my pubes before getting underarm hair. You are only at, what sounds like the beginning of puberty, and those other lads need educating if they think you are not normal and are telling you to see a doctor. Just ignore them, don’t get down about it. You’ll blossom in your own sweet time.
13 is still quite young for a boy to start puberty.I have 2 sons aged 13 and 14 and they’ve not started yet.A lot of your friends who say they shave probably don’t really need to at the moment,I know that none of my sons friends need to yet.I’m sure in a couple of years you will be well on your way to becoming a man so don’t worry yourself.Have you got an older brother orfather that you can talk to about your worries?Talking to someone who has gone through it will be better for you than listening to changing room bragging.The boys in your year are probably all as confused as you are as puberty is a very confusing time and are probably just trying to hide their own insecurities.
You have had some good answers, all I can add is that all boys start puberty at different times anywhere between the age of 11 and 16. Very few start earlier or later. Most of your schoolmates are boasting and I bet a couple of them are just like you and have not started yet. Everything that you are concerned about will right itself when your body is ready for it. For the moment enjoy who you are and have a happy life.
calm down. puberty is a long process, it could be another 2 years before you get to the stage that some of your friends are at, and you’d still be perfectly normal. Oh and for the record, they probably are lying about their penis size!
All things in good time. You are a late bloomer and everything will begin to happen soon enough. You should definately start masturbating. Masturbation is good for you and healthy for the reproductive system. It causes no harm no bad side affects and is not a sin. At your age 2 to 3 times a day is normal.
relax ur normal
hey just give your self some time u should try to masterbate if u want to explor your self.
Usually it happens in childhood.
there is no need to worry everyone goes through puberty at different ages and paces. these people are just being plain horrible to you for something that is not in your control. the best thing to do about it is just ignore them or laugh with them, dont let it wind you up they will just target you more for it. it is fine if you are not masturbating yet do what feels good for you. try it you might like it. everyone goes through embarrasing stages when they hit puberty even the people that are making fun of you. just remember that you are better than them, they may be going through puberty faster than you but you are obviously alot more mature. when you are older you will look back and laugh at this situation. as for hurting yourself it is not worth it, dont let the bullies beat you, stay strong and things will right them selves in time sweetie. email me if want,take care of yourself
What on earth makes you worry about what the other boys say? I bet most of them are day dreaming or boasting over not a lot, and I take pleasure in noting that they don’t let you see – I bet they haven’t got as much as they pretend to have anyway! You’re lucky to have that blonde hair – I think it looks lovely on a young chap, and as for “doing something” to hurt yourself, please don’t even THINK about it – you’ve got the whole of your life to look forwards to, and (I’m whispering now – just for YOUR ears: Why don’t you go round the back and have a little play with it – you never know, you might like it so much that you’ll be able to show some of those other blokes a thing or two !)
You have quite a number of issues here. Lets summarise it for you in a quick response. Development occurs for different people at different rates. It is very likely that all the changes that you want to happen will. Try to be aptient and let nature do its thing when it is ready.
it will hit soon DONT PANIC! dont listen to them they are a load of loonies! only see a doctor if it gets a lot worse
There isn’t one day these things happen for all boys, If you’re worried, go to your doctor and ask him, if he thinks you need it he can give you medicine testosterone to advance things. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
Calm down kid. You should tell your parents first, then see a doctor.
What you must know is that different guys have their puberty at different times, some earlier & some later on. And your body hair is programmed by your genes. some guys grow very little body hair – and others none at all. And if your body remains with smooth skin – thank God day & night for that. Why do you want to look like a hairy ape ??? It’s more sexy & sensual to be silky-smooth. Your genitals will grow at their own speed- but different guys get bigger or smaller according to their genes. And their balls grow bigger and it’s all genetic in origin. You must accept what God has given you & not complain. And what’s wrong with blond guys? what’s to tease about on that? Blond guys are hot & sexy & gorgeous. – IF They don’t like how you look – TOUGH SH-T FOR THEM !Please – for God’s sake – do not be embarassed by the rudeness of any other guys. You’re fine & soon will be a gorgeous blond hot guy. and that’s that.And do NOT do anything to hurt yourself in any way. God is watching over you & you are His child & He loves you infinitely.Ignore those creeps & jerks at school. their minds are twisted .Feel free to email me if you want further help. All the best
Timmy do not be so worried on the one hand on the other hand it is good that you are interested in your life and your future. I donot have a lot of time to answer now and by the time I get back to a computer your answers will be closed. If you wan to email your questions to me at [email protected] I will be happy to try to encourage you and help you to do what are th ewisest and best htings froma young perosn to do to create the best basis for ytour future. You can go to my answers and read a lot about similar things. Do not hurt yourself. Every one is similar and yet each of us is a unique individual. We all mature at diferent rates and in differne tways. a personis physically mature when they are about 28 years old so you have a long way to go. OSme sprout up early and others late some have large body parts when young that get bigger when they are older. Orthers are not so big Biuthow big is not what counts. Don;t masturbate and don;’t beleive half of what otehrs tell you.. Some are lying and others don’t really know what they are saying. There are protiens in your body that ares lowly disolving they say. And as they disolve they start to tell your body to grow up. YOu can not make them disolve faster it has been decided by the genes you inherited yet there are things you can do tohelp them when they kick in and the least amnount of lmasturbating you do andthe least amojunt of rtim eyou think about sex and the more you spend developing yourself as a human being in all the other parts of life the better and best your adult sexual life will be. Why don;t youask your dad about this or your mom? they love you very much. they understnd a lot about growing up. they did it once. Then too sometimes it is embarassing to ask your parents about. You suggest you have some fears and thoughts that might not be best to pay a lot of attention to. you are welcomed to ask any questions by eamil and I will see if I can not give you more anserws and pay attention to your situation. Ask God to help you. Ask him to help you understand about God and you. Aks aloud. YOu will get answers form God if you ask.> God will send the right persons to you to tell you what you are wanting to know. Ask him to love you and to save you. That is a wise thing form a perons to do. Ask him to help you to understand about life and to feel positive about yourself. You are a valuable amd important human being. There is a purpose for your life and as you go along you will findd it. Eat some pumkins seeds every day fo the next few months. PUmkin seeds will give you an adequate supply of zinc in a safe way . and you might have less zinc than you need. Do not take a iznc supplement eat the pumkin seeds. And feel weloced to email if you thing doing that could be helpful to you.
Tim ,don’t worry as they already have. Your voice will break soon but it’s hard to say when as there’s no hard and fast rules. It just when you develop a little more these things happen. Your friends will say they are ahead of you but in my view they are a little behind developmentally, as they feel the need to pick on you about when nature will take it’s course. Don’t harm yourself it’s not worth it for them, I was a little slow to but when I did grow it came in a spurt and resulted in me being taller than my friends. Being tall is not all it’s cracked up to be as you get sick of people coming out with the same old line “is the air thin up there?”When your voice breaks don’t bank on it being a fun time as you’ll be squeaky when you don’t want to be. Don’t bank on the hair either, as when you are older you wont be able to stop it coming out if every orifice, like your ears and nose.It’s one of those classroom fixations that always happen, soon it will be how many girls you have slept with. There’s no need to compare yourself to the others as we are all unique. That’s why the word individual is used to describe each of us.
Generally, testicles have to drop after the birth even!However, they can go down later, but as soon as possible and at least before puberty otherwise they get no development.About age, there is no prefixed one for the puberty to come and the average is around 13-14 years. Hair, voice, excitement, etc. they all are symptoms arriving with the sexual development.Once it starts, the effects just are fast and evident, so, whereas it happens with long delay, then boys feel discomfort and unluckily (developed) mates make fun of them!
Don’t worry about it, some are later than others. The boys will be exaggerating about their willies too.It will all happen in time.Look at the girls in your year. Some have grown boobs and some haven’t. Everyone develops at their own pace. There’s nothing the doctar can do to speed this up.
You have nothing to worry about. All of what you are talking about happened to me when I was SIXTEEN. I feel your pain and discomfit with seeing other guys and comparing them to yourself. I did the same thing. The point is, you will grow bigger as will your penis. If you have already begun to grow pubic hair, the rest will be along soon. Please do not despair and do anything foolish to yourself. All will be fine shortly, and you’ll probably have the biggest **** in the crowd! Chow!
what your going thru is totally normal and you dont need to mastubate or any oda thing its a process that may take a little more time in different pple. people are different so just suck it all up and very soon things will be normal as for the teasing every one has to go through it so just take it as a phase
Don’t worry you are perfectly normal. Boys (and girls) all develop at different speeds and there is no right time for it all to happen. It sounds from what you said that you have started so as I said don’t worry just let nature take it’s course. As far as the kids on the bus are concerned, they are just being mean. I got teased and bullied at school. When a person teases you like this they only doing it to take attention off themselves because they are self conscious. They are probably lying about their size too! Personally I think blond guys are hot and my 12 year old daughter does too. (My youngest son is blond as well)Everything will work out, you’ll see.While you are feeling like this is there someone you can talk to – Mum, Dad a family member or even a teacher. It helps to talk and remember everyone a few years older than you has already gone through this and should understand. Sharing a problem with someone you trust does make you feel better.
Dear Timmy,Putting it simply – you’re screwed. Sorry.
Hey TimEverythign is perfectly normal with you. Nothign at all to worry about so do not take their teasing as anything other than boys being boys. Puberty is one weird time and each guy goes through it at a different age, speed and order. I’ve had friends at 16 with no hair and tiny penises while other guys are trying to hide their big ones when they are 11 or 12. Voices change, arm pit hair is going to grow out and all that nuisance hair aroudn yoru penis and on your scrotum will pop out too. Oh an dlet’s not forget the upcoming mornign shaving ritualt that you look forward to know and wish had never come by the time you are 30.One thing to remember is that since you are blonde, your hair on legs, armpits and pubic region might well come in quite light in colour and it may be a while for anyoen to really notice it even after it all starts sprouting. Heck I am a blonde and am still getting people who take a secodn look to see if I shave my legs – which I don’t though I am known to shave other things – hehe.Anyway, what the other guys are doing by teasing you is flaunting their lack of knowledge of puberty and the approach to adulthood. They do not understand that each of us comes to through it at our own speed. Thus anyone they perceive to be slow getting into it they will tease. Just remember it is not you who is having a problem bu tthem; thei reducation is a little lacking.Also, keep in mind that you are taking your time and, once you get at it, they better watch out or you may well outgrow the lot of them. Would not surprise me if by 18 or so you had more balls than they do (and I don;t mean that in only th eliteral sense – hehe).So, relax, enjoy what is left of your childhood and when puberty hits, it will do it’s thing to youand you’ll be fine. And next time anyone teases you about your being slow just smile politely and say “Yea, I’m taking it slow so I get it right”. and see how they react – hehe.And may I wish you a happy puberty
Don’t worry, give it time.
Your testicles do not drop during puberty. They drop shortly after birth.
try speaking to your parent, or a doctor. You could just be going through a stage where your body’s hormones are developing. You r jsut a late bloomer. Becasue you have just turned 13 2 months ago your penis and testes will not be hugely big
don’t listen to othrs, they are just being silly and boastful. There i snothing wrong with you at all, it all sounds completely normal.
Hey kid im 16 and i didnt have much pubic hair at all when i was 13. like many people have said puberty starts at diffrent ages. Even though now i do have hair in my pits and hair round my ‘pride and joy’, i dont have chest hair or much of a garden path. i dont even have much facial hair! i felt xactly the same as you when i was ur age and so do plenty of other boys. Dont go bout thinkn thers sumthin wrong cos there aint.If sum boys in ur class brag about how big their penis is its cos there embarrased. the average size on the flop is about 1.5 – 2.25 inches and even if urs aint dont worry theres still plenty of time for it to grow.u know what they say, good things come to those who wait!P.s. the best person to talk to about ur feelings is ur dad chances r he had the same kind of problems seeing as u inherited his genes
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