Hiv through razor blade?

Q:how long can hiv live on a razor blade wet in droplets of blood? what about a dry one, but simply wiped off? my friend is a barber but i know he NEVER sterilizes the electric shaver he uses. would that even qualify under the razor can transfer hiv rule? it’s made of a lot of razors and goes errrrrrnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkk when u shave with it.
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With HIV “when it dries it dies”. Once the blood, semen, breast milk, etc. dries the virus is dead. If the blood is sill on a blade (razor blade, knife, etc.) and not dried then you could become infected if you are cut.However, HIV doesn’t tolerate the environment (being outside the body) very well at all. If you are concerned about getting HIV from an electric razor, I’d say you have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice on a sunny day.Hope this helps.
Its very unlikely, the razor would have to come straight off the head of a HIV positive person onto yours almost immediately and you would both have to have been cut aswell
The possibility is there but it is infinately unlikely. This also applies to the barber rule where clippers that sometimes get people’s ears are not sterilized. The odds are astronomical to get HIV in this route. More like winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning while picking up the check kind of thing. No worries, there is a greater chance of getting HIV from a blood transfusion as there have never been any documented cases of HIV spread through barber shop clippers. Razors however pose a bigger risk. Surface area and exposure time to blood is greater as is the wound size when accidentally cutting yourself. Razors and straight razors that are used in barbershops should be sterilized in barbicide or an alcohol wipe or something. The good news is that HIV is killed extremely easy outside the body so any sterilization liquid will work.
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