how can a person that has herpes ever bring a child into the world without infecting his or her partner?aftera

Q:afterall, you need to have sex to create right? so how do i not get infected if my partner has genital herpes?
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Let’s talk.first if your partner has Herpes you can still get exposed even if your partner doesn’t have a outbreak (you can still shed the virus and not be aware which if often what happens when people find out they have Herpes and haven’t been with someone who has a clear outbreak) so, is your partner on some type of medication that depresses the virus? (acyclovir).so if you get pregnant and are term and or getting ready to have your child then they (the doctors) will be watching you for an outbreak and if you happen to get the virus and are having an outbreak during labor then yes you will have a C-section which then will not expose your baby to Herpes..There are many couples who realize that they share the virus..of course you are on medication to help depress the virus so that you have less outbreaks and you must be monogamous and not stray out of your relationship so that you don’t spread the virus to others. Please sit down with your doctor (you and your partner) and discuss your questions and concerns..things will work out..unfortunately in this day and age their are many people who do not practice safe sex and they are exposed to the virus and are not aware..that is why it is so important to wear condoms because other than an unwanted pregnancy you don’t know what STD’s you have been exposed too because the other person may not be aware themselves.hope this helps
Some people have sex without an outbreak even though there is now evidence that the unaffected partner can still get infected. It is possible to have a in vitro fertilization and many doctors opt for a c-section delivery to minimize the infant from contracting the disease (if the infected partner is the mother.) Thanks for your posting.
there are meds to suppress outbreaks – you must have medical help; it’s very careful that you don’t spread this to your EYES, very serious! If it’s your partner, you have to see the doctor together so you can have the info that you need..this is beyond trust; you MUST protect yourself.Please don’t listen to Loss Leader, below!
artificial insemination. your partner is a whore.
i believe that the baby is treated with a certain liquid right when it is born. as for your guy, get him on the pill that controls it. there is no way of waiting for it to go away andexpect for you not to catch anything.
there isn’t a way. it is a viral infection for life, so anyone that comes in close contact with your genital area (even a baby) will get it. In birth, a woman will usually have a sea-section.
Drug therapies may keep down the outbreak to the point of non-transmission, but it’s still risky – women have a higher chance of getting infected than men, simply because that’s how the plumbing works. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an option. The egg could then be inserted/implanted into the uterus. This technique is risky and expensive, though, giving only slight chances of sucess.Since skin-to-skin contact is necessary for the transmission of herpes (not sexual intercourse, specifically), the best, cheapest, and most effective way would be artificial insemination. The man would simply have to go to a sperm donation clinic (or fertility clinic) and the sperm collected and possibly frozen for later insertion. Voila!Not as much fun, but safer.
You can infect your partner even if you are Not having an outbreak. The infection is in your bloodstream and is always there, this is fact. You and him can only take chances of him not being infected and as far as a bay you know there’s always C-section but that’s Only needed when you have a outbreak AT the time of delivery. Source(s):R.N. Student
the thing is that you do get infected there would be almost no way you couldnt if you had sex with the person
Your out of luck. Your child won’t have herpes, but you could get it, even if your partner is not having an out break. Believe it or not, herpes is not really that big of a deal. Chickenpox is a form of herpes, and almost everyone has gotten chickenpox, and if you have had chickenpox if could come back as shingles anytime in your life. You baby will be protected in the womb from all the viruses you have had in your life, when the baby is born the doctors disinfect the baby right away. If you choose to have a baby, your baby should be alright.
i’d say to be on the safe side get his sperm injected into her cuz there are periods when no sypmtoms r present yet the virus is stil transmittable. yes c section is the way to go. valtrex is supposed to reduce the risk. but if u lik the person enough to have their child u could always just accept the virus and willingly contract it since it isnt life threatening. however wat if your relationship doesnt last- u may be scarred for life, finding yourself trying to build another serious relationship after explaining that u have the virus. that’d be difficult. i’d say get it injected. and if u have already had sex- with a condom , u may already have it and be asymptomatic b/c condoms dont cover everything
Wow I can’t believe some of these answers..Yes it is possible to not be infected by your partner and not have the baby be infected. It’s rare, but possible. I’ve had genital herpes for about 5 years now. I was with my ex for a little over 4 years and he NEVER got genital herpes from me. We didn’t use protection either. I guess you could say he was one of those rare occasions or just lucky. My fiance right now, got herpes from me about 2 months after we started dating. So there really is no way to tell who will get it and who won’t. There are couples out there who have been married over 10 years, one has herpes and the other doesn’t. It is possible not to get infected by your partner. They found in a recent study though that about 70% of the people with genital herpes got it from their partner when they were showing no signs or symptoms of the virus. (That’s how I got it!) The safest thing (other than abstinence of course) is to always have the guy wear a condom. Even then, condoms are not 100%. They do break and it is possible to get herpes from just skin to skin contact with the person, not just from having sex with them.Also, wether you get herpes or not, it is possible to have a a healthy baby. This is something you should talk to your doctor about though. The main thing they are worried about babies is when the mother is having an outbreak, especially her 1st one. When the baby is coming through the birth canal it’s possible for them to get it. A C-section is usually done to prevent this. sorry i dont think there is a way
you have a C section
you would have to go to a sperm bank and get artificially inseminated. sorry its the only way
Terrific. Herpes isn’t terribly infectious unless you are experiencing an outbreak. But outbreaks can be months or even years apart. Medications can help extend time between outbreaks and lessen their severity. A careful couple should have no trouble conceiving with a minimal infection risk.Honestly, the state of sexual education in this place is frightening.
It’s possible to have Herpes and not spread it to your partner-a great riskand l would not suggest it!. Herpes has two phases: active when a person has symptoms and latent when the symptoms are dormant. Apparently, the latent or dormant phase is still of concern-the herpes virus sheds cells that may spread to the sexual partner. A condom helps prevent the virus spreading. CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN to discuss/plan pregnancy option and risk.
I think you should do some valuable research on the subject for yourself, your partner, and your future child. If your partner is taking Valtrex, then the chances of ‘shedding’ infected skin cells on you is minimized. As long as your partner isn’t showing signs, or doesn’t feel any extreme itching, then you should be fine to ‘pro-create’. If you really care about this person, you should learn more about H. Do some research! Dr. T
invitro fertilization.
you do know you can get herpes even if you have a condom on and it didn’t brake . A man can get sores around his shaft in the pubic hair area .. so never even mind making a baby you are at risk just even having sex ,
deliver the baby by C section
I read that one fouth of US adults have herpes. Only one in four of them knows it. They really try to scare us about it, its just a mild skin disease and not much to worry about I think. Source(s):reading
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