How can I buy steriods?

Q:How can I buy steriods?
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witha doctors script or go to mexico and have them there
As far as I know they have to be prescribed by a doctor. They are used to speed healing etc. There are dangerous side effects. That is why they are not an over the counter drug.
don’t they’re bad for you and can cause some bad side don’t want anything to shrink
Steroids R US?
Go to Mexico.
LEGAL steroids (and there are some that are acceptable) can be purchased at a pharmacy/drugstore (something like CVS)If you were reffering to anabolic (illegal) steroids I must laugh at you for posting this question on a public and moderated forum.
find the biggest guy in the gym and say, yo, chief, hook me up.
um. steriods?, hasnt ur mother taught u anything?? JK.. drug store?. or do to a protein store.where do u live?(states)
Go to Mexico. For about 200 american dollars they’ll be more than happy to write you a perscription and fill it. (although, they will be animal steroids) Atleast that’s what I saw on Dateline.
I don’t know how to buy steroids, but I’m telling you now.don’t.They are extremely addicting. Once you use them, you won’t wanna stop. Have you ever seen a picture of the man who used so many steroids, that his muscles swelled to such an imense size, that his skin split and his arms exploded?Case in point. Don’t take steroids.
What kind of steroids,illegal ones?If so then why would you want to break the law?Oh,I get it,you want to have the looks but don’t want to do the work to get them,well,if you are that desperate to avoid the work,go to some developing country and I am sure they will be only too happy to sell you stuff that was probably intended for cattle.Good luck to your body after taking them.
don’t do it. Read articles on the negative affects it has on your body. You may never have an erection again. PLEASE get informed before taking the drug.
from the doctor i guess cuz my cousin got them from thereit really depends what u are using them for though
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