How can i get rid of my pigmentation occurin on my face,back n hands?

Q:I m just 24+ n havin pigmented black scars which are increasing day by day n itches also.I hav visited a lot of dermatologist bt the medication hasn’t helped,got a biopsy done on the back n reports says that i ts due to some pigment concentration called litchen, m takin glycolic peels on my face ,back n hands which has lighten the complexion on hands bt not on face, all the dermatologist says its due to sun exposure but it cant be fully true as the area on my back is seldom exposed, n m working so its not possible to avoid sun completely.Please suggest me a remedy as i m very depressed n losin my face value n want to regain my glowing complexion,i m suffering from acnes havin pus n also suffer from constipation but try to keep my system clear by drinking lots of water, i have applied several creams n using glyco6 n eating a vitamin carofit,plese help n also tell me is it possible to get rid of these scars completely n are glcolic peels are safe to continue, is there any other solutn.
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Depends, what race and sex are you? Black skin is very prone to keloid tissue (scarring and overgrowth). If this is the case then go and see a Black pharmacist – they might suggest some cream/moisturisers. Vitamin E is one that helps all skin conditions and you could try using “bio-oil”. If you are female take a VERY close look at whatever contraceptive pill you are using.One idea seldom mentioned is that you should also use a condom. If you don’t you will be absorbing male hormones through the vaginal wall and these androgens are well-known for aggravating acne and scar tissue.
I think you need to start at the Psyhcotherapists to deal with your low self esteem. You must learn to love yourself and not to worry about others.It sounds like you use a lot of products , and that must be touching your face.. which is possibly leading to the spots (acne)? Try to stop using the chemicals on your skin altogether it cannot be helping. Stick to completely unperfumed products The vitamins Carofit, does it have a side effect of constipation? Check on the net for side effects of taking that vitamin. Eat more fibre and fresh fruit and green vegetables. If you can’t eat them, then buy smoothie fresh fruit drinks. This will help your skin and your digestion. Eat a bowl of Bran flakes before bed. Just a small amount should help.Garnier do a body cream called Body Repair in a red bottle, it contains MAPLE SAP . Maple Sap is fantastic on fading scars. Please if you can get it, try it. I have used this and it has faded several scars that I had. It does not claim to do this on the bottle, but it does do it. Look up Maple Sap effects on skin on the net.For you spots on your face, wash with a mild facial wash and then apply natural yoghurt to the affected areas until it starts to clear up. It should clear up in around a week to ten days. The yoghurt must be LIVE, NATURAL. Not flavoured or any additives. A pot will last a few days. It will also benefit you if you try to eat some live natural yoghurt also, and treat your skin from within.I do wish you luck
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