How can people get tested for HIV when the doctor and health department won’t test you unless you are a crack,

Q:head, **** or shot up with needles? I think it’s kind of stupid. You go in and ask them to test you and you get asked seveal stupid quetions if you don’t answer yes to one of them you can’t get tested. Then you go to your Doctor and they tell you they don’t think you need the test. What the Hell? What if you did have sonmething and they won’t test you? Its kinda messed up.
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I do not know where you are located, but here in NYC, the Health Department offers FREE confidential and anonymous rapid HIV testing (fingerstick blood test — starting to use cheek swap test as well) for anyone regardless of reason. While everyone who wishes to get a test receives counseling (talking about the symptoms, the test, and what the results may possibly mean), no one is turned away.Any large municipal health department should do the same. If you are not in a large city, check for your local planned parenthood center who should be able to do the test or direct you to where you could have one for free.If you need additional info or help, e-mail me.As for Edmundo, while Blood Banks routinely test blood for HIV and other diseases, that is not a good way to have your blood screened. try a different clinic. The one you go to sounds misguided, or that you are looking for a free test and they need to save their funds for folks who really need it.Go to your regular physician. There are also online kits you can buy where you swab your cheek and send in a sample and they send your results back, for a fee of course.
Find a different doctor. You should have the right to be tested for HIV REGARDLESS of risk behavior. This test should not be denied to ANY patient who asks for it, even if it is part of a routine health evaluation. Try to donate your blood from the blood bank. They will do HIV testing as one of the requirements. Normally health departments check anyone for HIV. Just go to their STD clinic and tell them you want an HIV test.
The health department and doctor won’t test because it cost money to do things. All things! If you answer any questions with a yes, then you are in a high risk category. Drug user, gay (male or female), having unprotected sex. You could have only had sex once without protection and you are high risk. If you have done nothing, then why do you need to be tested? Try a blood bank, if they don’t accept your donation then you are at risk. Ask them if they will inform you if you are contaminated.Home Access Health Corp offers an FDA approved home test kit.Call us at 1-800-448-8378 to buy our products, or at 847-781-2500 for general information.Or try: 7 day test for: $43.95 or a 3 day test for: $53.95
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