how do i get rid of heat rash?

Q:how do i get rid of heat rash?
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Avoid getting hot or sit in the fridge
Calamine lotion is good for heat rashes and keep area cool. use a fan or cold wet tishues to dab hot areas
well it really depends on if u have it now or get it on hols i suffer the same an bizbun is the best suncream but everyone is different u needto get a hydrocortisine cream from ur pharmacy
diluted lavender oil. put about 10 drops in 100ml water
well my 10 year old suffers with heat rash and I have found that the best way of dealing with it is to have a cool bath which u add a couple of camoile tea bags to the water will look dirty but it cools the skin down .. don’t use any soap after the bath dry the area with a hair dryer on a cool setting and apply a nappy cream or any good cream like e45 will stop all itching and help the rash to heal
The best way is to provide a cooler environment for the affected party and try to keep the area as dry as possible. Dusting powder, talc, or cornstarch can help keep your skin dry, and also help with friction (if the burn is being caused by your legs rubbing together, for example). Avoid using lotions or creams, though, as that just increases the humidity on your skin and feeds into the problem! Gold Bond PowderOh soooo cool
corn starch. a power from your kitchen . Old home cure and often works better than a cream.
cool down!
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