How do you know if u have a brain tumor ?

Q:How do you know if u have a brain tumor ?
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Please see the webpages for more details on Brain tumor.CANCER-early warning symptoms.BRAIN: Repeated severe head ache; sudden episodes of vomiting not preceded by nausea; blurred vision, double vision, or loss of vision;sudden loss of hearing in one ear, loss of sense of balance; onset of paralysis or numbness or sensation in one arm, leg, or side of face; convulsions or fits; personality changes coming on within a short period of time.
check the below given pages for the symptoms of Brain tumor Source(s):
Get a cat scan.
you cant just determine like that because alot of things have the same symtems but if you have alot of migraine headaches you should go and get yourself checked out.
you may not know. But other people may notice character changes.You might get a lot of headaches etc..Then you go to the doctor and he will let you know
Through a dianosis from your doctor after tests
Your doctor tells you. the doctor tells you. go get tested.
Symptoms.As a large tumor enlarges, it causes increased pressure within the skull. The result is frequent headaches, which are often most painful when you are lying down.The headaches are later accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Sometimes vomiting caused by a brain tumor seem to occur suddenly, without even a warning spell of nausea.Because of the building of pressure can effect the nerves at the back of the eyes, there may also be blurred are double vision.Other symptoms depends on the location of the growth in the brain. They include weakness down one side of the body, general unsteadiness, loss of the sense of smell, loss of memory,or even a major personality change.The presence of the brain tumor may also cause epileptic seizures. Source(s):The American Medical AssociationFamily Medical Guide
go to a doctor..and test ur brain
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