How do you stop a coughing fit? Tube journey is difficult!?

Q:How do you stop a coughing fit? Tube journey is difficult!?
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I find chewing a menthol gum like Airwaves works best.It helps stop that dry tickle.I sometimes wonder if half the problem is nerves because you can guarantee the cough always starts when it is most inconvenient,or within 2 seconds of me thinking about it.Don’t waste your money on cough medicine,it just doesn’t work.
Take a sip of water or some coughing sweet.
It took me a while to figure out tube journey! I thought you meant being intubated, which is to have a breathing tube inserted in your throat through the mouth. Then I realized you probably meant “tube” as in the British term for underground railway. If you always have coughing fits in the tube, then you most likely have an allergy to dust or mold, both of which would be very prevalent in the tube. You might talk to your doctor about an inhaler that will temporarily stop the symptoms.Alternatively, you might consider another means of transport. Mix honey and lemon juice and keep it is a small bottle. Take sips when you cough. Suck on mentholyptus lozenges. A mask like surgeons wear would also help keep particles out of your lungs.
Drinking coca cola i find helps as the caffine asts as a antiinflamitory, hot drinks can help too i wuldnt take hard cough sweets on the tube, mb a liquid based med, even cough med 4 kids?
Caughing sweet- what is caughing sweet?!?!?!?!?
I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out, I have an awful cold, and sometimes you get that tickle in your throat, and can’t stop. I can sympathize.
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