How do you treat a small jellyfish sting?

Q:I got stung by tiny jellyfish about 8 times in Mexico in different areas of the body. Tiny little bumps appeared a few minutes after that itched, now a week later the bumps have returned. How do i treat this?
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Vinegar ! Life guards do this at the beach, they put some on my cousin when it happend. It will sting, of course, but the amonia helps neutralize the poison in the sting.
After this long, you should see a doctor.
Household vinegar is best. apply it neat straight onto the stinging area. Second best is urine..pee in a cup and dab it on. Yucky but true. Take an anti histamine as well as it relives the stinging.
Soak in Epsom Salt and warm water, Take Tylenol for the pain as long as you don’t have an allergy to it. If the wound is on your foot, stay off of your foot for a few days and use neosporin ointment on the wound.
Puts some Urine on it.
Ive heard vinegar works if u put it on the sting. Also urine, (but I wouldnt try it)
u should try to go to the doctor, u could be having some type of allergic reaction or something
pee on it…..
I seen this on Friends once, Monica was stung by one and they said to pee on it. It’s supposedly true. Better ask your Doctor though.
pee on it
This is gross but its what I found, I would opt for the vinegar..lolNematocysts are inactivated by vinegar (or dilute acetic acid 5-10%). NOTE: If no vinegar is handy, then human urine will do in a pinch. If you have a choice in the matter, use a man’s urine rather than a woman’s urine. This is because females are more prone to occult urinary tract infections, thus introducing bacteria. Male urine is considered sterile, since men are much less likely to have a urinary tract infection.
Cortisone cream works good. It stings at first but it works. I was swimming and a jellyfish got caught in the leg of my shorts and Kept stinging me. I didn’t know until I got out of the water because the ocean water is so cold here in MA. I had a big rash and the Cortisone helped it alot.
This is going to sound really gross, but it’s true…using someone else’s pee, not your own and pour it on the wound. If it was up to me I would rather suffer in pain rather have someone’s else pee. But I’ve never been stung by jellyfishes. Hope this helps.
Ammonia is used to treat jellyfish stings at the beach, Try that. Some cleaners have it, like Windex.
Read this: this helps! put some windex on it
Vinegar is the answer. Keep applying for about 15 – 20 minutes. After that generously apply aloe vera for about 2 days. If that does not work and you still are experiencing problems I would consult a dermatologist. Good luck!!
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