How likely is it cancer?

Q:my mom went into take some test because the doctor thought she may have cancer and anyways she said they “found somthing on her lung”. if they find somthing, how much of a % chance is it that its cancer? .. What else could be wrong with a lung if somthing was found on it ? . thanks
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I know this is a scary time for both of you but try not go there till you have too. Prayers for her.
Could be a fibroid, which isn’t cancer. Further testing will reveal what it might be. She might have to have a biopsy. This is when they go in.possibly by a broncoscopy (camera down the trachea and into the lungs).view the area of concern and snip a piece of tissue and then send it out for testing. The pathologist will determine if it’s cancerous.Best wishes.
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