How many types of hepatitis are there?

Q:How many types of hepatitis are there?
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Type A or B (both with vaccines) or type non A or B (no vaccines) There is 5 different types of hepatitis. The most common are Type A and Type B. Type C is alot harder to contract because it is a blood to blood infection. There is a vaccine for A and B. Researchers are close to having a vaccine for type C, but it could be another 3 to 5 years before it is brought to market. All Three well known types are treatable, if you where to be diagnosed .
“Five have been identified and named hepatitis A through E. At least 10 other viruses are under study” according to my source below. 3. A, B and C.
There are 5 different types. Type A hepatitis is contracted through anal-oral contact, by coming in contact with the feces of someone with hepatitis A, or by eating or drinking hepatitis A contaminated food or water.Type B hepatitis can be contracted from infected blood, seminal fluid, vaginal secretions, or contaminated drug needles, including tattoo or body-piercing equipment. It can also be spread from a mother to her newborn.Type C hepatitis is not easily spread through sex. You’re more likely to get it through contact with infected blood, contaminated razors, needles, tattoo and body-piercing equipment, or manicure or pedicure tools that haven’t been properly sanitized, and a mother can pass it to her baby during delivery.Type D hepatitis can be passed through contact with infected blood, contaminated needles, or by sexual contact with an HIV-infected person.Type E hepatitis is most likely to be transmitted in feces, through oral contact, or in water that’s been contaminated. 3 main ones, A B C.. but they are finding new ones all the time .
There is A, B, and C. No D & E. i think there is only 3 a .b. and .c..and i think there is a d
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