how much do i get if i donate sperm?

Q:how much do i get if i donate sperm?
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temporary stress relief In the UK the price is about £15-25 per visit.Be warned a new law has been passed, that allows the child created by a doner to seek out that doner in the future, by attaining access to your name and address.
Oddly enough, the word donate usually means to give to a charitable stop being such a tight ‘vvanker’ and stop trying to make money from it! Tosser
about a teaspoon full The word “donate” would imply that you are not expecting to receive anything
sd You get pleasure. while trying to give them and also depends how long will take for your post-donation process :))
nothing boy. donating is without money ask how much u ould get payed to be a sperm donor idk 100 bucks maybe 50 girls get like 1000+ for an egg which i s fucked up
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