how she get hpv?

Q:how she get hpv? i’ve ben married for 8 yrs w/my wife. she’s virgin when married. she’s the only one I’ve had sex with and I never had any adult-sex-play with anyone else. now she’s been diagnosed with hpv. is that mean she slept with someone else (Cheating)?
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Yes, a lot of times it is transferred sexually… HOWEVER, please don’t listen to people suggesting CHEATING has occurred and risk trust and relationship issues. HPV is easily transmitted other ways. It can be transmitted by using towels someone else has used (including beach towels) – did her family ever share towels growing up?? It can also be transmitted by plain fooling around (petting, kissing, grinding in your skivies) – something that could have happened before either of you were with each other – even if you didn’t go all the way until you met each other.
No, hpv is also the same virus that gives women cervical cancer. That’s if she hasn’t slept with someone else. Make sure she gets to the doctor for proper treatment. Cervical cancer is one of the highest fatal cancer’s for women out there.
It’s a virus. She could have gotten it from a contaminated towel or somesuch. Or you could have given it to her without realizing you had it.
HPV stands for human papilloma virus. There are many subtypes of HPV but they are all transmitted SEXUALLY ONLY. Doctors have been doing research for many years to see if the virus can be transmitted in any other way and they have found that it can not. It is a sexually transmitted disease. I am not saying that she has cheated on you. It could be that you had it before you married her, transmitted to her and all this time she didn’t know it. YES MEN CARRY THESE VIRUSES AROUND. IF YOU always used a condom then there is no way for you to have gotten it. It usually doesn’t do anything to men at all and they usually don’t get checked for it. These viruses tend to be very quiet. I mean they don’t show any symtoms, usually until it is too late. This is why doctors are always saying that if a girl is not a virgin she needs to go and check herself for cervical cancer. The most severe form of HPV is Cervical Cancer. Also one thing YOU MUST KNOW.. The priliminary test for HPV is very sensitive and comes out abnormal under many circumstances. In another words you can get FALSE results. Sometimes it results “abnormal” when you take the test too close to your period. There is another test that is a lot more specific. They can even check to see which variation of the virus she has. What I am trying to say is that if she only took 1 test she needs more than that. She needs to repeat it and she needs to get more specific tests…. Tell her to ask the doctor for other options other than the usual…IF they have already identified the variation of the virus that she has then she is definitely infected. So has your wife been checking herself for cervical cancer all these year? If she has and she never resulted “abnormal” before then it could be either of 3 things a) it is a FALSE positive. (she needs to take further test)b)she had it all along and the test never showed it (either she was not a virgin or you gave it to her)c) she just got it. (which mean some one has been having sex outside the marriage)In any case, neither “I” nor any of the people answering your questions are doctors…Please, before you decide anything, go talk to a doctor. You can go to a public clinic….
You have been married to her for 8 yrs and you don’t know your wife’s attitudes about sex with someone else? And the first thing to come to your mind is that she slept with someone else? I mean you married her and now you don’t trust her? Do you remember your wedding vows? I would think the first thing you would want to do would be to take her to the doctor and get her treatment. And then ask if you could have it. Maybe you gave it to her. Maybe she gave it to you. You say that both of you were virgins, so what’s the real problem here? I see it as you don’t trust her, never mind her health problem. Both of you go to your family doctor and get treatment. Then, I would suggest you start talking to each other about trust.
No… has she had a blood transfusion?… a virus? Any contact with contaminated blood?If none of the above are correct…. then maybe she did cheat. Have your self examined…. you might have HIV.
Of the more than100 types of HPV, mopre than 30 can be transmitted sexually. Infants have contracted the virus during labor but this is rare. This is essentially an STD. Only certain types of the virus are assoicated with cervical cancer so it’s not the end of the world. It can be treated if caught early. Many can live well for years without symptoms. As far as her cheating on you, perhaps you should be the one to review your own sexual history. She had to get it from someone.
From what I’ve heard on tv you can get it from even just kissing someone who has it, whether or not it is active, whether or not you can see it. She could have even kissed a relative or a friend (male or female) on the lips (on the face), or might have had it a long time (or in remission) and didn’t know it. I suggest you get checked out to see if you caught it from her, and you both get treatment. Then be careful afterward so you don’t infect others, etc.I feel sorry for the people who responded who think this virus can go away, can be cut off, doesn’t affect men, etc. y’all got a lot to learn. No. she can get it from a virus. it is a virus, and you should be more concerned with her, and not if she cheated. it can kill her.
Not necessarily. There are other ways to contract it. How did she find out? You can’t test for hpv – it only shows up as warts or as dysplasia when a woman gets a pap smear.
Hello,It doesn’t mean that she cheated, everybody makes mistakes even hospital officials. If you do not believe her have her take a lie detectors test.
there had to be some kind of contact for you or her one to get the HPV virus. just get the warts burned off when they come up.
I have to agree with GrimmyTeaHPV virus related to cervical cancer, stereotypes 16 18 and 22 if memory serves me correct, are exclusively transmitted sexually, to the point the cervical cancer is considered an STD or STI.So if your wife has this it could be one of 3 either you transmitted the virus to her or that she was unfaithful, the problem is that in your case is really hard to find out who was the carrier and who was the receiver, there is a 3rd rather unlikely scenario in which her mother could have transmitted the diseases but as i said, highly unlikely.Try to concentrate on your relationship now, and maybe having a heart to heart talk would clear your doubts, the fact that she does have HPV only means 1 thing, she is sexually active, but you already know this.
Oh man, can of worms….Odds are yes, she probably cheated on you–but it’s not absolutely guaranteed. There are documented cases of virginal nuns with HPV. It’s believed the nuns got it at birth from their mothers.
Maybe she fooled around with someone b4 you got married but did’nt have sex with them, or she cheated on you, ask her.
you can actually have the virus and not know about it. it doesnt affect men.
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