How to breathe with asthma?

Q:i can’t seem to get a deep breathe with my asthma iam on albuterol and singular which helps but i can’t seem to get enough air. he ordered advair and flonase but i can’t afford those drugs so i have to try to stay well with what i have. paul sorvino use to have a way of breathing with his his asthma does anyone know it?
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AS SOON as you start to have trouble breathing you have to sit down, calm down and wait for your breathing to return to normal. After about 15 minutes to a half an hour you should be able to go for about an hour breathing okay until it starts to get bad again. I wouldn’t really recommend this approach though because you always need a back up plan in case this doesn’t work. Try to get an inhaler.
I don’t about Paul Sorvino but when I used to have terrible trouble (especially in the mornings) I would have to resort to lifting my arms over my head to breath, but it worked. I would sit on the edge of the bed, lift up my arms like I was doing the wave and that REALLY helped A LOT (effects seem to last even longer than with the albuterol. Not to mention it helped calm me down a bit as well which is always good when you are having an attack. Looks a bit silly, and it is more for acute attacks, but it does work.Anyway, good luck!
Try taking long deep breaths through your mouth. It always helps when I had it.
As a young person with asthma i can relate to your situation. When i couldnt breathe i would have to get on this machine and breathe through a mask for about 15minutes inhaling albuterol medications. If your asthma pump is not available get yourself a brown paperbag and it honestly works, just take your time and breathe slowly in and out of the bag, but dont panic, because if you panic it will speed up your heart rate and you may become worse. Just relax and take slow breaths.
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