How to treat infected scrapes/cuts. How serious are they?

Q:I have a pretty bad scrape on my knee (playing rugby skidded on both knees – removed skin from knee). The area is about 2 – 2.5 inches in diameter. It seems to have started to secrete yellow pus and is painful to touch, the surrounding areas have also become “sore”. There is no sign of scabbing and its been 2.5 days.
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The best thing to do is clean it with soap and warm water, sorry it will hurt a little; then apply an antibacterial cream to it and cover it. However the area needs to have air get to it as well so at night while sleeping remove the bandage to allow the air to get to it.If it is not better or starting to scab within a couple more days go see a doctor, you may need an antibiotic.
soap + water. Apply Polysporin when dry, then cover with gauze and tape or large bandage.
Scabbing may take longer if the wound is covered. Allow air to get to it. Also, after washing it with soapy warm water, apply peroxide to bubble out the infection. Then apply triple antiobiotic anointment pain/plus has a pain reliever in it. Allow air to get to it for about 30 minutes before applying a bandaid. This should help it form a scap and heal up the infection. You may want to see a doctor, infections can also cause Gangreen.
sock the knee in warm salted water the salt will draw out the infection for you. You must do this a few times a day for a couple of days
I would continually clean it with peroxide. If it doesn’t clear up you might have to go to the dr and get fun! Hopefully it was worth it! 🙂
Wash the area with soap and water, make sure nothing is still in the scrape (gravel or pieces of dirt). Pat area dry, apply triple antibiotic ointment, cover with a dressing. If the would is draining change the dressing 2-3 times a day, if not once a day is sufficient. Wounds do not need a scab to heal, and they don’t need air either. That’s what my mother use to say but this has been proven wrong. We now keep wound beds moist to promote healing. As for the drainage, if it is a clear yellow liquid that kind of crystalizes around the wound edges this is normal tissue fluid, and there is usually quite a bit of it from a scrape. If the drainage becomes thick, opaque, white or yellow or has an odor to it you may need a prescription for an antibiotic. Also the wound may have a thin ring of pink/red around the scraped area but it should not get a larger red area and it should not feel warmer than the surrounding areas.Scrapes always hurt much more than you would think they should. Mostly due to the way the skin is torn off and the fact that there is now exposed nerve endings.
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