Q:i am a 23 year old male, (otherwise healthy male) and was very recently diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (i guess it runs in my family). My Dr just mailed me some papers today saying i have to go in for a thyroid peroxidase andtibody test. I was just wondering what exactly that is and what are the next steps that im going to have to take after this. Thanks
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After your antibody test you will pro bally be given a uptake test.You go in the day before for the pill, and then go back the next day for the test, this will tell a lot about your thyroid.It is a very easy test.
Hypothyroidism is usually due to deficiency of iodine or its assimilation within the thyroid gland. Since a mild degree of hypothyroidism runs in your family, your doctor probably feels that thyroid antibodies have to be excluded which may be the cause of Thyoiditis (an inflammation of the thyroid gland) that may have led to Hypothyoidism. I am sure that other tests like the T3, T4 and TSH would already have been done by now.
Hi, The antibody test will just tell you how high your antibodies are (if your thyroid/body is attacking the thyroid). It may help you get diagnosed with what type of thyroid problem you have (Graves, hashi’s, etc.). Here are some steps/ideas for you:1. First place to start is read up on it. I suggest a few books but a good, easy read one is Mary Shamon’s “How to be Well with Hypothyroidism”. Read as much as you can and keep copies of labs. Doctors really don’t know what they are doing with endocrinology (there is a real lack of education even though they say they do). Trust me! I’ve had years of thyroid problems, been through numerous doctors!2. How did you get diagnosed, b/c you are having problems? If so, then you’re going to need to start medication. I would suggest a small dose of T3 medication and a tiny dose of t4 medication (like I said, do your reading!). 3. Keep track/dates of your symptoms and med doses and labs always in a folder (trust me 4 years from now you’ll forget what you felt like).4. Get more tests. You need a TSH (and it should be in range of .03-3.0, if you are over 3.0 you are considered hypothyroid). Get the book, it explains. I suggest websites for you too. Like about.com the thyroid forums. A free t3 and T4 test is good, too. You should get an annual “general” test for glucose (rule out low blood sugar), vitamins, cholesterols, etc.5. See a specialist like endocrinologist, naturapathic doctor, etc.Good luck. You can always ask me more questions, I’m quite educated on thyroids!
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